Saturday, July 7, 2012

Island of Luckha

Island of Luckha is in India.Perhaps you have heard the name of this Island.Coconut forest are abundant in this Island.So it is called that this island is famous for coconut.It is very fine to move under coconut tree. You can see sitting be the side of the sea the fishermen are catching fish.You should remember that Lackha island is the smallest island kingdom of India.This island is situated 200 or 400 kilometers away from the Kerala sea coast.The sea is very quite and the island is situated in the middle of sea.Luckha Island is an incomparable beauty and charming place nodoubt.It is very hardy to reach here.But you will be very glad to travel here.
Island of Luckha
How to reach: To travel in Luckha is to be thrilled. Package tour is best for travel in this spot.From September to May this Package is going on.If you wish to go by Package tour you need not special permission.For this reason you can communicate before,address- Assistance general manager(sports), Luckha dip office,Indragandhi road,Welenydon,Ayaland,Cochin.But the address of Kolkata is- Ashok toure and travels,3-G,Everest building,46 chouranyi-rood,Kolkata.You can also come from Allahabad, Delhi, Lumbani and other places.You can go by the speed boat from one island to another island.At night you will kept in the ship.During the winter the sea is very keep and quite.From cochin the ship starts for Luckha from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.You will never anxious.There is no problem.
Luckha Island
You can go the Arabian sea by ship.You can enjoy the sight of setting sun.There are only water and water in front of you.Never will be excurses.It will seem to the wave of the sea of times.Get up from bed you can see the sea.The ship will stop in the deep sea.After it you will go to Luckha Island by the speed boat.You will remember that Luckha island is called the “Sindur Tip
Luckha Dip
The things which you will be know: The last Hindu monarch of kerala Cheraman Perumal accepted Islam and started secretly for mecea by the sea way.In 1783-84 some island of Luckha came under Tipu Sultan.In 1855 this island came under East India Company.After achievement of freedom this islands come under India and it’s named into Luckha Dip in 1973.You will see paka road in the Luckha Dip.Vegetables garden you will also.Kavarati is the main important place of Luckha Dip.Government office,Schools,Colleges and Hospitals are founded in here.Holy Ujra Mosque is very attractive mosque in this island.It was built in 1670.Here is a hair say that the order of Allah this mosque was built.There is a well.There is spiritual power the water of this well.There are crowed of people for take water from this well.At the evening this land because more beautiful.Birds are singing in the coconut forest.It will be seem to you Sea beach or coconut forest is the most favorite for your life.
Luckha Sea Beach
You will know more about Luckha: Acorium and Sea museum are very fine luckha.It was built in 1885.Luckha Dip is formed with the 10 ilsands.They are Agatti,Amini,Adrat,Bitta,Setline,Kalmie,Kalpeni, Cavratti,Kitton and minikoy.All these place is very attractive and very nice to you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Allahabad is Renown city of Uttar Pradesh in India.This wonderful Allahabad city is situated on the banks of river Ganga,Jamuna and Saraswati.It is in the Uttar Pradesh in India.You will see different kinds of glory of Mughal ruler in the city.So Many Mogul achievements are available in here.
Allahabad University
How you will reach in this city: You will get many trains from Kolkata to Allahabad.You can also come this Allahabad from Bihar, Murshidabad, Delhi and other places. 
Nepali Mandir
The place where you will stay in here: There are so many residential hotel in Allahabad.Royal Hotel,Hotel Bilash,Emperor Hotel,Hotel Karthick,Presidency Hotel are best hotel in here.You can enjoy T.V in your room.
Patalpuri temple
The things which you can be seen in Allahabad: The fort of Jamuna banks are most attractive in the city of was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. This fort was built in 1567.There are three glary in it.The Patalpuri Temple is situated beside the fort.There are a large banyan tree stands on the banks of the river Jamuna.But you will remember that it you want to see fort,Temple,banyan tree you should be permission before.The another attraction of Allahabad is the graveyard of khasru.who was the son of Emperor Jahangir.It is situated in the western side of the Allahabad rail station .It is bitterly attractive.So as a tourist you should come here for once.This graveyard is surrounded by the different kinds of flower trees.But you will go to visit this area in afternoon.Now you will come and see the Allahabad University.It is a famous university.Many students come here to study,chandra shekhar,Azad maidan and museum are situated  nearby it.Rajasthani miniature,Terokotor are found in Museum.Children Park, Ananda Bhavan,Mintu Park,Saroj Bhavan,Benimadhab Temple,High Cost,Sivabkoti,Nepali Mandir and Saraswati Ghat are very remarkable in this area.
Ananda Bhavan Allahabad
There are an old building beside the Ananda Bhavan.It was built by the Motilal Nehru who was the father of Jawaharlal Nehru.At present this building is well known as Suraj Bhavan.From 9-30 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm it is opended.Monday it is closed.Jahor planetarium is very attractive.You may come here.It is opens 11 am to 4 pm.Close date is every monday and last Tuesday of the month.The river Ganga,the Jamuna and the Saraswati are connected in this place And it is 8 kilometer away from Allahabad. This place is holy place for hindus.The side of the Ganga is very fine.You can sit or Lake rest in this nice place.You will be fresh in here.The connected point of the three rivers are very nice.
Mintu Park Allahabad
The sight of the river is very fine.Here the festival is celebrated in every year.This festival continue near about 15 days.A vast crowed of people are attend here.Every 12 years after this celebration was celebrated.It is called the full festival.Ramayan Mela is celebrated in the month of November.Allahabad is old but historical glorious area.So as a tourist lover you should of course attend in Allahabad.Most of tourists come here thought ought the world.Nodoubt it is a splendid tourist plsce.So every tourist should be come to Allahabad.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bihar Province

Bihar is a Province of India.Perhaps you have heard the name of Bihar.It is a very nature beauty province Because this province is fulfill with mountains,Forest and Historycal achievement.Once upon a time Bihar was united with the Bangla.Nawab Sirajuddaula was the last Nawab of Bangla,Bihar and Orisa.As a nature beauty lover you should come here once.In 1936 Bihar came into being as a separate kingdom.The most attractive area in Bihar are Adhana,Goya,Purnia,Madhupur,Aurangabad,Bhojpur, Boxer and Jehanabad.The night boring country of west Bengal is this Bihar.Here the most attractive things are the highest Mountain.On the other hand deep forest will thrilled you mind to look it.Varety kinds of weather is in here.The cold is very hard in winter and the hot is very strong in the summer.
Bihar Jai Prakash Park
Rajgir: This Rajgir is well known as healthy place.Buddhadeb and Mahabir passed many times of there life in this place.First you will come from Kolkata to Bakhtiyarpur by train and then you can reach Rajgir by train or bus.Time will be need 2 or 2.5 hours.There are abundant in holyday home in Rajgir.Here are the names of the hotels-Rajgir,Momotaj,Megduth,Mahalaxmi,Sarada hilview,Ajatshatru e.t.c. You can come to any hotel among there hotels.Another remarkable place in the Rajgir is Saptorsi,Brahamm Hakundu,Zail of Bimbisar,Buddha Mandir,Deer Park,Jai prakash Park e.t.c. Conducted tour is best for visit to Nalonda and Pawapuri from Rajgir.It is a healthy Place so you can stay here some days.You can be remove from skin debases by the water of the hilly river.
Bihar krishna mandir
Simultata in Bihar: The nature beauty of this area is incomparable.This hilly area are fulfill in trees. Fountain are not rare in here.If you want to enjoy nature beauty completely,You will travel on foot. From Kolkata you can reach in Simultala by train.The most important hotels are Hotel koheli,Hotel Srijomy, Sumritan lodge,Hotel garden e.t.cYou will see in Simultala lattu hill and Rajbari.You can also see the setting sum from the Lattu hill.You should know that the capital of Bihar is Patna.The distance from Kolkata is 545 kilometer from Patna.You can go by train from Kolkata.Hotel Channakko,Mayura Patna,Hotel republic, Hotel President,Hotel Rajasthan and Shree Prokash Hotel are best for you to stay.
Nalanda University Bihar
Nalanda,important place in Bihar: The famous Nalanda university is situated in here.There more old glory are available in here.There were 10 thousand students and the teachers were 2 thousand in this University.Monument,New Nalanda Mahabihar,Museum and Party gallery are very remarkable. Powapuri is famous for Jayeno.There so many achievement are found in Powapuri.Lotus are available in here.
Shanti Stupa in bihar
Buddha Gaya: Buddha Gaya is another splendid place in Bihar.You will be very pleased to reach in here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bhopal Travel

Bhopal is the capital city is in the Madhya Pradesh.It is in India.Uncountable Muslim architectural fame are available in here.There are attractive city around the Bhopal.Khajuraho,Jabble pur,Panch mori and Bhopal are the best city in here.At least 15 days will be need to travel in Bhopal.
Taj ul Mosque Bhopal
How to reach in Bhopal: You will go to Ujjayanie from Kolkata by train.Time will be need 30 hours.The distance from Ujjayanie to Bhopal is about 184 kilometer.From Ujjayanie you will go to Bhopal by bus.The time will be need about 6 can aslo go to Bhopal from Delhi, Trivandrum, Nainital and all other Provinces.
The place where you will stay: Bhopal is one of the important city in Madhya Pradesh and it is the capital city.So There is no problem to stay in Bhopal.There are available private hotels in here.You can stay as your choice Hotel Ranjita,Hotel Gulshan,Hotel Meghdoot,Hotel Rana International Sang gram,Hotel Gulshan,Hotel Shreemaya,Hotel Clown,Hotel Jalishan,Hotel Taj,Hotel Golden Place,Shibalic Hotel,Surja Hotel,Gold Hotel,Bluster Hotel,Redsy plaza Hotel,Ramsons International Hotel e.t.c are best for the tourist.
Bhopal Travel
The things which will be seen by you in Bhopal: The city of Bhopal is very attractive.There are two beautiful Lake in here.Old city is near the bus stand.New city is beside the big Lake.Bus stand is little away from train station.Only 5 minutes is require to reach in Bus stand by walk.The well know Hamidia road is  nearby it.Most of the Hotels are in this area.Bhopal is famous for Mosque.Tajul Mosque,Juma mosque and Moti mosque are very unique creation of this area.Another splendid Shoyakat mohal palace,Sador monjil and Gohor mohal are the remarkable creation of this locality.
Mani Bhavan in Bhopal
Taj-ul-Mosque is the wonderful creation of the ancient architecture.It is most important and attractive.It should visit of course.You should enter in this mosque without any habitation.It’s inner side is very wonderful and visible.But you should remarkable that Friday or any other festival’s day except Muslim no one can enter in this Taj-ul-Mosque.You will be surprised to see this Mosque  from the out side.The Gombuj of this mosque in made with white stone.And the coluor of this Mosque is very nice to rosy colour.This mosque is very large indeed.It is called that it is the biggest mosque of India.It is situated in the Sultania road.Uncountable mustier say their prayer in this mosque together and Uncountable visitors came from different part of the world.There is a great Lake to the south of the Mosque.Small Lake is called the lower Lake and Big Lake are called the great Lake.In afternoon and evening to walk beside the Lake is very attractive.Acorium,Boat clud,Bharat Bhavan,Banabihar Safari Park,Regional science center,Government Archeological Museum are very remarkable.Except Monday it opens 10 am to 5 pm.
Government Archaeological Museum
Rabindra Bhavan,Gandhi Bhavan,Ashbag,Nurbag and Kamala park are very important and historical fame.You will never forget to visit in this incomparable creation.Your mind will be peace and quiet P.T.D.C package tour is best for this.You will be remember that Bhopal the capital city is very important wonderful and modern city in Madhya Pradesh Province.The people of this town are very kind hearted.They love you as like as your brother and sisters.You can see the variety kinds of people are live in here.Such as Hindus and Muslims.They are all religious minded.Hindus are prayed in Temple and Muslims are prayed in Mosque.Your life will be fulfill you can visit this Bhopal.


Trivandrum is capital city of Kerala province in India.Kerala is the most important Province of India.The percentage of education is very high in hear.This city is situated on the many hills.The things which will be more attractive in here are the Lakes,The sea beach,Tea garden,Mountain and Fountain.Actually Trivandrum is very charming and isolatiom place.You will be very much pleased to look it.
Sree Chitra Art Gallery in Trivandrum
How to reach in Trivandrum: The distance is 2583 kilometer from Kolkata to Trivandrum.You can go by train.Train time only 17 hours from Kolkata to Trivandrum.The trains are going everyday.You can also going Trivandrum from Mansar, Delhi, Mumbai City, Lumbini Valley, Murshidabad and other places.
Man Mandir Palace in Trivandrum
How to see in the Trivandrum: Shree Padmanava Mandir,Old Melaka place,Sree chitra.Art galary, Napier Museum,Sadu Mukhabidra Zoo,Manmandir are very important in Trivandrum.Tirvananto puram is the past name of this city.It turned into Trivandrum afterwards. Kerala Tourism development corporation office is situated beside the bus station.The Museum of Nepier is the most important things.It opens from 8 am.You will be very much glad to see the Chitra Art Gallery.Shree Padma Swami Mandir is very close to the rail and bus stand.It is excellent in architectural work.If you hit upon one piter,other paler start to music. You will be see a large lake infront of it.Various kinds of festival is celebrated in every year at the month of October and November,The main attraction of this festival are Elephant mishil.Near the sea beach Acurium is situated.There Varity kinds of fish are found.It opens at 8 am to 6 pm.
Padmanabha Swamy Temple
The palace of Maharaja is in here.It’s name is Kawria Palace. After it you can see Secretariat building, Lagislative building,Fort,Kathakali e.t.c are here in.You will see the own dance and sing of the Karala.Valy tourist Village is 2 kilometer away from Trivandrum.Here are coconut forest.The sea beach of this area is very fine.You can travel by bus in 05 an hour.Covalam is famous for coconut tree.Near the sea beach the most important Hotels are Hotel Neelakanto,Sim Cottage Hotel,Hotel Sunset,Gobindo Lodge Hotel, Nepcluen Hotel,Sea-rock lodge,Lucy Lodge Hotel.The sight of Covalam  is very fine.You will be glad to enjoy this scene.You see the sea with your wish.You will become very much charm with the sweet air of the sea.
Napier Museum in Trivandrum
The place where you will stay: Trivandrum is the capital of kingdom Kerala.There are available hotels in Kerala.Hotel chaitram of Kerala is near by the raise station.Hotel Hilton,Hotel Silver son,Hotel Shajons and Jackbos Hotel is in here.Other name of the hotels in here are hotel highland,Hotel regency,Paramount park,Amrita Hotel,Hotel Prosanto,Jus Hotel,Git Hotel e.t.c. Most of the hotels are situated beside the Mahatma Gandhi road,Behind the bus stand and near the rail station.Restora are ready in every hotel.
Melaka Place in Trivandrum
How you will Travel: Auto rickshaw is available in Trivandrum.They will take correct fair from you.You can move the whole city by auto rickshaw or private car.For this reason you can communicate with tourist information center.They will manage everything for you. Trivandrum is a nice place for travel.Tourists are in every year from different country.This capital city is also fulfill in nature beauty.So Tourists are pleased to come here very much.The sea beach is also very remarkable in this area.Man can get peace and Quite to attend in this area.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mansar Lake

Mansar lake is situated in Jammu.The lake of Mansar and Surina soare are surround by nature beauty.You can see the lake between two hills.You can enjoy and travel in this lake easily.Beside the hill deep green forest are surrounded.The water of this lake is blue as like as sky.All these blue sea and blue make a wonderful nature beauty in this area.This beauty attracts tourist mind.Every people will love this nature beauty.
Beautiful Place in Mansar Lake
The Mansar lake is very close to the Himalayas and its hight is 1300 feet.When you will travel this Mansar lake you will be very glad.Mansar Lake is situated 80 kilometer from Jammu city in India.The distance from Mansar to surina soare 16 kilometer away.
Beautiful Place in Mansar Lake
How you will reach: From you will go to Himgiri Express.The strats from Howrah railway station.The distance from Jammu to Mansar is 60 kilometer.
Forest in Mansar Lake
The place where you will stay: There are available government hotels in Mansar.There is no problem.You can stay at night in these government hotels.
Mansar Lake
The things which you will see in the Mansar Lake: The government hotel are situated beside the lake. To stay in these hotels at night you will become thrilled.The Mountain area is very fine.Your desire will be to see this beauty.All natural beauty has gathered in Mansar Lake.You will enjoy best comfort to walk. You will get much pleasure to travel by boat in the lake.The Shish nag Temple is in the eastern side of the lake.There are an old building on the side of the lake.The Lotus has enlarged the nature beauty of the lake.There are available in Teals.Teals are abandoned throughout the year in here.There are large quantity of wild animals are found in western side of the lake.You will never forget the sight of the memory of blue cow and chital deer.There are boating  system in the lake.There are pake road around the lake.This area are lightened at night for travel.There is no problem you can sit on the bank of the lake in deep night.Camel and horse are available in here for travel.You can enjoy this facility at the sturday.
Fish in Mansar Lake
Here you can see a wooden stage.The lake of Manos in Tibet is very familiar.From then this name has come Mansar.Many of them are thought that Mansar is holy as like as Mansar lake.The people of  Jammu are thought that Mansar is holy as like Mansar lake.Beside it the people of Jammu are very kind hearted. You will be very glad to see the behavior of the people of this locality.Nature has given her beauty and people has given their kindness to this area Mountains,Lake,Wild animals and Lotus garden has made this hilly area as like as heaven. Surinaror is away 16 kilometer from Mansar.You will move here by the hilly road.You can go by bus.Time will need one hour.There is a small Island in the lake.All kinds of facility are available in here,You can travel by boat in here.Of course you will came here for a once.
Mountain in Mansar Lake
Deep Forest has made this Island as a heavenly place.You will get much pleasure nodoubt.When you will go to western side you will see the Temple of Shir.You can easily move around this Temple.Everywhere is fulfill in isolation,The south side is also fine. Dayader mountain is in here.This mountain is surrounded by the forest.You will come in this forest for a while.Tourist Banglo is in the Surinasor.If you wish you can stay at night.Jammu is a holy place.Religious people come to meet here.Jammu and Kashmir are called the place of heaven.So you will be highly satisfied to reach in Jammu.As a tourist you should come here.The  nature beauty is very fine.All Things will be attractive you very much.Your mind will be refresh and delighted.You will be surprised to know that this area is free from earth quake.Under this circumstances  this place why it is should for every tourist to attend here for the satisfaction of their life.
Mansar Lake
See Gwaldam, Lombok Island, Burdwan District, Mumbai City and other Beautiful places.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Junagadh Traveling

Junagadh is in Gujarat province in India.Junagadh is very nice place for the tourist.It is excellent place.Except sea you can observe everything from this place.Ancient fame,Mountain,forest and river everything are very available in Junagadh.
Beautiful Places in Junagadh Traveling
How you can reach in Junagadh: Junagadh is 327 kilometer away from Ahamedabad.You can enjoy bus in each year from Ahamedabad to Junagadh.The first bus which is started from Ahamedabad Gita Bhabon bus  stand.The bus starting time is 5 am.The suitable place where you will stay,take rest and relax.
Temple of Hanuman in Junagadh
You will get available suitable hotels and rest house.One of them is Junagadh guest house which is very near to the rail station But large quality of hotels are in kaluya chalk.Jayashree Muralidhar lodge,hotel Bivhan,Hotel relief and greener hotels are the best of them.
Bouddha Vicchu cave in Junagadh
The attractive place in Junagadh which you will see: There sufficient Auto rickshaw are ready to serve you for visit the town.It would be seem to you that total Junagadh town is a great forte.There are bight gate outside of the forte.The wole town is covered with middle aged architectural fame.Uncountable palaces are available in this junagadh which was build in Muslim dynasty.These palaces are very uncommon.It would be seem to you that kings are living at present in these palaces.Your mind will be fresh and clear observe these architectural fame.You will be bound to thrilled when you will reach in large palaces or ancient fork.There palaces are built by the Rajput during the reign of Nowab.First you can see some of the cans which is very large in size.Nature is not rare in this town.So total forte is covered by the Nature beauty forest.Which is very attractive and important for a nature lover tourist.This splendid forte should not be see alone.A guide will help you can seen the road has divided in two parts when you will reach in the Temple of Hanuman. There are two big canon in front of the forte.You will want to know about it.Nilam is the name of one and another is Manck.Nilam is sized with case.
Beautiful Places in Junagadh
The Bouddha Vicchu cave is very important and attractive. So you should observe it very carefully.There stairs to come down from the Cave but has no light.You should remember one things clearly to come down this Cave is very risky.This is why will never discourage during the time of come down.Small qualities Buddhist statue are in here.You will be surprised to know that emperor Ashok made these Caves under the ground.You can see a well in here.After breaking the 127 stairs you can see it.Another remarkable and historical event is mokubra Mosque.It in a splendid and ancient Mosque.It inspires the mind of tourists after it.You can be see nature beauty Mountain are very close to you.There are nice flower garden around it.Peacook are moving in here.You will be highly satisfied to see this attraction nodubt.You can be reach grain hill beside the forte by Auto rickshaw.Fist you can see the Solakuri and Gayatree Mandir.Emperor Ashok has written his valuable orders on the side of the hill in here.
Bouddha Vicchu cave in Junagadh
You will be pleased to see it.Still these writings are very clear and has written in play language.There are two side of it is covered with jangles and hills.There is an important Museum in Dayavan Chalk.The nice chairs are covered with silver court of the King.About 3 kilometer away from the town there is a Zoo.You can see Lion,Tiger and other beasts and bards.Mokbara are famous for grave yard of Nawabs.Grave memorials are very attractive nodubt.

Junagadh Map
You will be surprised to see this unique grave yard.Rajput was defeated by the Nawab Sultan Muhammad in 1472-73.From then Muslim right is founded in Junagadh fist.You remember it that the memory of Junagadh Mosque is unforgettable.This remarkable Masque was built by the very uncommon architectural way.This has become more attractive for tourists come from different country in this way.So you shall see and observe it in physically.

Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is very important area in Madhya Pradesh.This place is very wonderful for it’s architectural works.From Kolkata you go to Satna.The Santa is 1998 kilometer away from Kolkata.You will get available bus from Satna to Khajuraho.
Beautiful Places in Khajuraho

The place where you will stay at Khajuraho: You can choice any hotel near the bus stand in here.Hotel Jhankar and Hotel chandela are the high qualities hotels,Hotel Subraia,Sunset view Hotel,Acsara hotel,Gupta lodge,Jaina lodge,Sita lodge and laxmy guest house are lower qualities hotel in Khayuraha.You will eat Thalimil hotel,Raja kaffay or Gupta restaurant.You will get variety kings of tasty food in Raja kafay hotel.
Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh
The things which will attract you: Khajurho is very wonderful city in Madhya predesh.This city is very remarkable for its architectural sculpture.Khajuraho mountain is very important.There are so many picture are painted on the wall of the Mountain.This picture shown love,pleasure,religious belive and the nature of the life.Actually this scenear the ancient days.Candela and Rajput kings are made these the side of the Mountain.You also see unnumerial stature in Khajura.You will see in these statues-dancer,Lovers and actresses and other statue.The works of the architeetural workers are very fine to look at.Archio logical Museum is very nice to look at.You will of course see this Museum.Many old and historical events are preserved in here.The greatest china visitors Huen Sang describefirst about khajuraho in 7th centure.Not only Hue Sang but also wean chuyang describes very much about famous Khajaraho.You will be surprised to know that at the beginning of 10th century.
Archio logical Museum in Khajuraho
This Khajuraho was the greatest city of all India.So this is the very old city.Not only old city but also fulfil in Mountains statue and other paintings nodoubt.This is why as a nature beauty lover you should present here for a while.Other wise you will be fail to take the best of nature beauty.Santinath,Parshwanath and Adi nath buildings are very remarkable buildings.You can see all ehese buildings.Its sculptural works are very wonderful nodoubt.If will Trilled you of course.Flwoer,ereeping plant,Leaves,Ram,Shita,Hanuman.Madan Rati,Shib-Agni e.t.c are enlarge the unique beauty of this area.All these are built in 950 to 970 years.The historical china visitors describe that Khajura is famous for its name and fame from the many ancient time. The people of this area are very simple but religious minded.They were kind hearted also.People were live in peace and quite nodoubt.Variety kinds of people are live in here in peace.Such as hindus and Muslims and many other cust and crede.Kings were in very luxurious.
Archio logical Museum in Khajuraho
They have made their palace in various place for their rest and recreation with their queen.People were so much advanced.Becouse variety kinds of architeetural works and painting on the mountain wall prove it.People are religious minded it is proved that ramnath,Shita or any other God or Goddess painting or Sculpture.However all the things made this Khajura town as a peaceful and nature beautiful area.So as a nature beauty lover and a standard tourist you should go this place.

Archio logical Museum in Khajuraho
Archio logical Museum in Khajuraho
Your travelling know ledge will be increase nodoubt to visit this region indeed.Your thirst for knowledge will be increase nodoubt.After all you will get much pleasure to preset here.After visiting Khajuraho,you can go other beautiful places.Such as Gwaldam in Uttranchal Province, Lumbini Valley, Murshidabad, Kalimantan in Indonesia.
Archio logical Museum in Khajuraho
Archio logical Museum in Khajuraho

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gwaldam in Uttranchal Province

Gwaldam and Debolay is in the Uttranchal province.It is in the India.It you want to see many remarkable place in Himalayas of course.You will be go to Gwaldam and Debolay.But you remember that when you will present here you will use anyone as your guide.He would be a local person.Becouse you would miss your way in the forest.This journey is very interesting and thrilled for your life.
Beautiful Places in Gwaldam
How you will reach in Gwaldam: From Kolkata you will go train to kathgodam.The train name is Kathgudam express.This express train will be reaching in Kathgodam after two days.Haldwani station is 7 kilomiter before from Kathgodam.You will come down in this station.From this station you will get bus to reach in Gwaldam.You will go through this bus to the Gwaldam.
Beautiful Places in Gwaldam tea garden
The place where you will stay: You can stay in bangle.There is no problem.It is best for the tourists fair is high but comfortable Seasonal rent is high and in unreason the rent is low.
Gwaldam map
The things which see in here: From Kawshani to Gwaldam is 43 kilometer away and its high is 6400 feet high.It is a small area.You will travel on foot in every place of Gwaldam.Because that things are situated on the highest peak of the mountain and it is covered with deep forest.Dhakarkha and atatchy are very visible place.The sight of this mountain can remove your worst and you can get much pleasure and relax to see this scenery.It’s hight is 6840 feet.The snow park are different way in here.The hight of Latatoly is 3920 feet.Latatoly is very charming place for everyone.It is picnic place­­­­ included.Here is also a lake.The road has gone in the giygaz way on the hilly region.There is military barak on the hill.During the walking time you will thrilled.You will be astonished to hear the continuous sweet song of the hilly and jungle birds.It would be seem to you everywhere are fulfill with green carpet.Now you will come here on foot.

There are Sha Mistannah Vhander is situated.You will its right side on foot.You will see two sides of the roads are covered with deep green trees.Other side is covered with uncountable Appel orchards.You will see deep forest covered with chair tree.There are available in Appel trees.You will see unknown woman are bring dry leaves on their shoulders.They heave been bring this branches and leaves from the deep forest.You will see in every house acrole,Nashpati and Dalim orchard.Beside it flower garden are available in every house.You can also found tea stalling here.The other side of the road you can see the nice river and valley.There are nice green crops field in here.The house of this area are made of stone.You can fountain also here.You can take tea from the tea stall.Gwaldam is surrounded by the mountain and forest.You will see new sight in here.You will be pleased to see this sight nodoubt.You will be see Silk worm cultivation by the banks of the large river.Here charming sight is everwhere.During the time of setting sun of western side the sky become red.This scenery is very charming.This sight will astonished to you very will never forget this sight.Gwaldam means very close to the Himalayas.

You will get a chance to Himalaya trace from here.You will see very uncommon sight of Nandaghun sight of Nandaghunti and Trishul from Debole Banglo area.You will hear the sweet sound of the pander under the Banglo.Small stone beach in the middle of the river is very fine.Debole is wealthy by its ungrateful gift of Nature.You can see green trees from the Banoba of Debole.Beside it peach,Orange and Dalim trees are found in it.Tourist Banglo, Banobanglo are non government Hotels in here.Nanda debi,Kiron and Routhare general hotel in here.The remarkable place of Himalayas are Roopkund, Homkund,Ronti Saddle.Vhithal Guar,Brammtal,Vhikaltal and Khamila.You can tracking in this places.The best time is to visit Gwaldam and Debole in September to October.After visiting Gwaldam you can go Mandu in Madhya Pradesh.

Mandu in Madhya Pradesh

Mandu is situated in Madhya Pradesh in India.It is very nice and nature beauty area.Emperor Jahangir told that Mandu is the greatest rainfall area in India.In raing seson this Mandu is turned an excellent nature beauty area.Mandu is the one of the nature beautiful area in Madhya Pradesh in India.Emperor Jahangir had built a Palace in here for some days.He expended three luck golden coin for built this Palace at that time.Nurjahan riding on cradle in Hindola mohal.All these are very little incident of Mandu.You will also remember that it is not only historical forte town.
Mandu in Madhya Pradesh
How you will reach in Mandu: Howrah which is in Kolkata Shipra express goes to the Indor city which is in Madhya Pradesh.Tuesday and Wednesday you will get this express from Howrah at 3.25 pm.It will reach at Indor after 37 hours.From Indor it is better to go by taxi at Mandu.Besite it you can go by bus to Mandu from Gwalior bus stand.Here you will get bus after one houe.So bus communication is very easy to reach in Mandu from Gwalior bus stand.Except it train communication is very fine from Delhi,Mahua, Vhupal,Chitargar and Ajmir with the Indor.From this Indor you can go to Mandu easily by bus.The distance is from Indor to Mandu is 35 kilometer.
Beautiful Places in Mandu

The place where you will stay: Travelers lodge and Madhya Pradesh.Parjaton tourist lodge is the best place for stay in Mandu.There is no problem you may stay private hotel in Mandu.Such as Hotel Rupamotie,Beside it you will see in Banglo.
Raj Bahadur place in Mandu
Now the things which you will see in Mandu: At the very beautiful Valley of the mountain this Mandu is situated.It would be seem to you that is a fore town.It’s all sides are surrounded by mountain.It is a wonderful town nodobut.It would seem to you that it is heaven.You will see the uncountable historical fame in here.You will be surprised to know that you may hear the love store of Raj Bahadur and Rupmati.

Raj Bahadur place in Mandu
 The old architectures are under green tress beside the road.The Roy Kunda is very interesting.It was the Pavilian of Rupmati or loving place.Rani Rupmati comes here regulaety.This estate is situated on the 1227 feet high.It is very splendid wuarter.Of course you will see it.You will get much pleaser to see this house. Raj Bahadur palace is very nice.It is very close to the mountain.This musical house was establish in 1508.Nil kantho Palace is another remarkable palace in this area.
Raj Bahadur place in Mandu

This Palace was built by the emperor Akbar.It was made of red stone in 16th centure.Ashrafi Houese,jamay mosque,Jahajmohal e.t.c are very famous event in Mandu,Ashrafi quarter are made of marble stone.It was built by the Mahumud Shaha.Here Jamay mosque is very beautiful mosque.This was built by the Hoshang Shaha.You will be very much pleased to see this mosque.It was built in 1453.

Raj Bahadur place in Mandu
You will be surprised to know that the architectural  work is very uncommon. You will see the tress of pathan architectur at the grave of Hosango Shaha.You will see grave of two sons,doughter and son-in-law and queen  beside the grave of Hosango Shaha.Jahaj Mahal is situated at the middle of the majut and Kapur lake.You may go to Chasha Bawri,The grave of Dilwar Khan.You will be very much pleased to see this area.

Mountain in Mandu
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Most beautiful Places in Mandu
Most beautiful Places in Mandu
Most beautiful Places in Mandu
Mandu in Madhya Pradesh
Mandu Map