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Kalimantan in Indonesia

Kalimantan in Indonsia:   Borneo is called Kalimantan in ancient time.But it is the world second largest island.The North and Northwestern area of the island are the East Malaysian state of Sarawak and Sabah.There are newly free state of Brunei Darussalam Between them.But on the other hand rest of the island of Indonesia are divided into four provinces central Kalimantan,South Kalimantan,East and West Kalimantan.Kalimantan is famous for its bio-diverse places on the world.It is matter of fact that the world
largest tropical rainforests and rare florand and fauna are in here.
Kalimantan in Indonesia
The History of Kalimantan: The history of Kalimantan is very wonderful. According to the Sanskrit inscription before 400 AD.Kalimantan was ruled by early influence Indonesia Settlers.During the 15th century Islamic power came down on Kalimantan greatly.For this reason it was rapidly embraced by the different kingdoms in the island.
Bontang in Indonesia
The Dutch started to settle business agreements in Kalimantan and earned specially business in Banjarmasin and in Sambas.More over they made agreement with Pontianak in 1778.This they preserve almost all what is now Kalimantan.In the time of 2nd world war Kalimantan was captured by the japanese armies.The Dutch government disable to control of the region after words.Indonesia earned its independence later on. Kalimantan became a province but after words it was divided into four provinces.
Attractive spot in Kalimantan
Kalimantan Climate: Kalimantan has tropical climate.throughout the year heavy rainfall is found.Per annum rainfall around 3000mm in average.The temperature defers between 29 degree C and 34 degree C.The humidity is in the range of 95-98 %.
Attractive Place in Kalimantan
The Best Time to Visit Kalimantan: The best time to visit this wonderful island is during the month of September and march.In this time temperatures are abundant cooled of 27 degree C.More over it is matter of surprise that people can pleasant sea breezes.
Attractive Spot in Kalimanatn
Derawan Island: Derawan Island is the most attractive spot for marine tourism. Animals such as the green turtle,the scarlet turtle, star fruit turtle and sea cow are not found now-a-days here. Species of marine plants and coral reef are absent here now.But it has an attractive subject too. Such as this island is the best place for scuba diving, pearl diving, swimming, fishing, and other water sports.
Derawan Island in Kalimantan
Bontang: It is another island of kalimantan.Binatang has no flora and fauna and it is located in the regency of kutal with 200000ha. The kutal National park is the most important to see sceneries.
Bontang in Kalimantan
Pontianak: Pontianak is the capital city.If is also the capital of west Kalimantan. Most important tourist spots are Equator Monument, Caldaria palace, the state Museum and floating market.
Gunning Palung National park and Nether Reserve: The Gunung Palung national park is situated in the ketapang area. Flora and fauna are absent in this region. The Raya Pasi Mountain in the singkawang region is very attractive.Singka Wang is well up in nature beauty.The another visiting forest region is samggau.This place is very charming. Visitors can enjoy many things here. Hot springs has here throughout the year. Lakes and caves are available her.Nodubt it is very interesting place for the tourism.
Pontinak Sea beach
Palangkaraya: Palang karaya is the provincial capital of Kalimantan but it is central Kalimantan. This capital city is located in the upper side of the stream area.These streams are come of from the Kahayan river.At present, this city has become the center of government,business and teaching of the province.
The centrail Museum  of palangkaraya  are fulfill with his tropical and cultural interest from all over central Kalimantan.The natural beauty are available in here.This place is also a visiting and interesting for  tourism.
Palangkaraya in Kalimantan
Sampit: Sampit city and the Sampit river which is the capital city of Sampit location.It is the biggest timber port in Kalimantan.You can see many attractive tourism attractions in sampit.In front of the simpit river pandaran beach park is situated.It is actually a splendid park.Hulu is a natural forest it is situated in the orchid park of pembuangan.Hunters are come here and can engage in their important time at the Serayan river.
Sampit in Kalimantan
Shopping in Kalimantan: Here are important shopping items in Kalimantan are house hold ornaments,hand woven silks and cottons and other special element which are made of bamboo.
Sopping place in Kalimantan
How to reach Kalimantan: Here are available in international and domes.
Kalimantan Map:
Kalimantan Map

Kolkata ,The capital of west Bengal

Kolkata is the capital of west Bengal.During the reign of British,Kolkata is recognized as capital city.At present it is the capital of west Bengal in India.Actually Bengal has wonderful history.In 1947 it become a province of India.Some one said,”Kolkata is a peculiar city”.This wonderful city stands on the eastern side of the river Ganga.
Wonderful place in Kolkata City
How to reach Kolkata: The communication of Kolkata is very can go to Kolkata by air lines in any corner in the world.
Kolkata Air Port
Which will you know about Kolkata: Once upon a time India was ruled by Shock,Hoon,Moughal ,Pathan,Maurja,Paul English extra.Ibrahim Khan was the Nawab of Bangla then.Joab Charnak who was the principal of East India company was invited by him.Joab Charnak came to Bangla.They took Gobindopur,Sutanati and Kolkata for business. For business and protection they built fort William.Thus founded the city of Kolkata.The historical date was 1690,24 August,Sunday.In 1596 emperor Akbar has told it as Kalikata for his collection of revenue.But after words the English has changed into Kolkata.So when the English ruled this sub-continent Kolkata was the capital city.The capital was transferred from Kolkata to Delhi in 1991.
Victoria Memorial
Rest house of Kolkata: There is no problem to stay in Kolkata.You may stay against the Shialdha rail station paradise lodge central loging house,Ashoka Hotel,Tour Hotel,Beauty lodge and Purna lodge.In this place you can take rest with full safe and sound.Except it there are available hotel lodge which is better chance to take rest.The area of free school street,field area of Kolkata and Damdam area are remarkable for hotel.But you should remember that the aristocratic tourists take rest in Alipur area.So Alipur area of Kolkata are called aristocratic area.In fine it is easy to say that you will get more hotel in Kolkata city nodoubt.That may costly or mere costly.
Nakhoda Mosque
History of Kolkata: At first you can see” Howrah Bridge” This bridge is very remarkable and well known to the every people.It is also a historical bridge.It would need to see for the tourist.Not only tourist but also every people of the world.But by this moment this bridge changed into “Robindro Satu” After this another special bridge is Bidda Sagar bridge.This bridge is very important bridge.The distance of this bridge is 823 meter. This is the prude of Kolkata.This Satu has been built by the 450 core Rupee and the time is 20 yers at least.This Bridge is opened for the public in 1992,15 July.It is prohibited,for the public to walk on the bridge Vehicles are permitted to go and move on the bridge.The fort weliasn cantonment is situated beside the Mayodan.
Howrah Bridge at Night
You will be very happy to see this cantonment.This exceptional bridge was started by  the Loard Clive in 1757.It was started after the battle of Palase.But it was completed after 16 years,1773,during the warden hestings.It has been expended 20 luck pound.It was named by third king of English William.Public can get permission to go in special time Nearly ten thousand soldiers can be accommodated here.This cantonment has play ground,post office,cinama hall,market, restaurant bank e.t.c. In would be seem to you that fort William cantonment is a city alone.
It is a splendid city in modern sage.Tourist are attracted here in various way. Another remarkable memorial is Tagore house of jorashako.You can read there by chittayranjon avenue,jorashaka “Tagore house” is situated.Tjis house has turned into Rabindravarati university.Rabindranath was born in this place.But Alas! He was died in this house.Many disciples of Rabindranath are attended at the birth and death ceremony.Metro rail line is another unique creation of Kolkata.
Howrah Bridge looked like at Night
This train line has gone Damdam to Taligong .Mominpur,Kalighat,Baligong,Vabanipur,New Alipur,Behala,Shialdaha,Chitpur,Shambazar,Maniktala,Belgasia,Bania pukur are very attractive and historical place.You should attend in these places in your life Chancellor jagdish Chandra Basu road,Sharat Bose road,Asluitose Mucharji road,Sayed Amir Ali Aveneu,Prom-themsh Borua,Keshob Chandra Sen street,Lenin Sarani,College street,Raja Dinendra street,Guru Sadaya Datta road e.t.c are the most important communication.
Holi Festival in Kolkata
In the metro rail way which you can see: When  you will travel by metra rail,Netaji vhabon,grish park,Damdam,Belgachia,Shambazar,Shava bazaar,Mahatma Gandhiji road,Central,Chandni Chak,Aspland.Park street,Mayadan,Rabindranath Sadon,Rabindra Sarabar and taligonj.
Metro Rail
Victoria Memorial: The another special historical incident is Victoria Memoreal.You would be pleased very much of course if you present yourself in victoria Memorial.It is made of white stone.This memorial is “Maharani  Victoria’s  Memorial.It is the best attractive memorial of Kolkata.The memorial is spended memorial nodubt.The Stone has been brought from Rajshan for build it.Victoria memorial are surrounded by long town which will be attractive you.In the memorial you will su dresses,Unnumerial pictures and manscript,Letters and large number of weapons.The design of Victoria memorial was sir William Amarson.But actual planner was Lord Karjon.She creative activities was started in 1901. This wonderful remarkable memorial was constructed for twenty years and has expended money about one core.
The another unique and splendid creation is “Nakhoda Mosque”.If you are a religious minded tourist you must attend in this mosque.If you miss to present yourself he,your thirst will be inquest thrust.So you should present here.It is a wonderful mosque.This Mosque is situated at the very close point of Jacarei street and Chifpur road.
Victoria Memorial at Night
This Mosque was very small at the first time.Abdur Rahim Osman of Gujrat  had donated 15 luch taka.He had built this large Mosque in 1926.It is a hair say that end of age “kali” is Kalkata.
Kolkata Map:              See Lombook Island  Santinketan   Andaman Island
Kolkata Map

Andaman and Nicobar island in India

Andaman and Nicobar island in India:  Andaman is the greatest important and attractive tourist island.In this time Andaman has become the most curious dream islands is Andaman.Deep sea forest very nice hills,old and modern life make a special fascinating seen easy on this island.Andaman means a name which under the blue sky,longtime green forest,covered with the hills.Go to Andaman if you are very interesting tourist for beauty of nature.Although to go to Andaman is less expensive but it is mater of much time.Now a days it has become very populous island. Once open a time people seem to it is a very terrible place.At present nobody is doubted for it and everybody are very eager to attend here.So it is possible for you to reach here try to your best.I can fill your heart in content to observe the national beauty and nice see beach.You can observe very much to attained in ancient and modern society.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
You can also study about old and present tradition.There is no other attractive and fascination Island excellent Andaman island.Excellent sea beach will able to full fill you tourist.The deep forest is this island seem to be you becomes a favorite nature beauty and splendid sea shore you should reach is this island for one lime in life.
Attractive place in Andaman
History of Andaman and Nicobar: There is great and interesting history of Andaman and Nicobar.Hope that you will be very interesting to know the history of Andaman and Nicobar islands.During the reign of British on the Sub-Indian continent,it was under British colony.At that time those who were prisoner and convicted in different Zail,they have to sent in there islands for exit.For this reason people would become very thought full after heard the name of Andaman specially convicted prisoner. Because this island was nearly separated from India.There was no scope to release from there without the help of the government.
Wonderful place in Nicobar
But now-a-days it is a matter of very interesting much people are very willing to go this island for live there with their family for ever from this Indian sub-continent.Except it if you are favorite tourist for nature beauty and sea cost you should stay there for some days.You will think it is a dream state.Port blear is the capital of this islands.Once Nerita and Mongatian tribes are live her.Luter the rebuke come from original land live in here.One the other hand prisoners are start to live here.At present the future generation of this people are living in this place peace and quiet.
Andaman Havelock Island
Weather of Andaman: The weather of Andaman is very fine.But rainy season in one of the best season in this island.There are six seasons in here.
Andaman Sea Beach
Shopping in Andaman in India: You can buy much ornaments from this island which is made by people of this locality maximum Handicrafts are from sea stone.
Sopping moll in Andaman
How to reach Andaman: In the mean while there are well communication to go to Andaman from India.Kolkata is the capital of west Bengal in India.The distance from Kolkata to Andaman is 1255 Km in sea rute.It is ruled by the central government of India.A bout 297 big and small islands make this islands.Only one ship goes to the Andamans.The name of this ship is M.V Harsabardhan.If wish you can go to Andaman from Channai and Maddraj.
Andaman Sea Beach

Sulawesi Island in Indonesia

Sulawesi Island in Indonesia:  In the past time this island is well known as Celebes,Sulawesi is like a tropical orchid.This island’s area is about 172,000 square km and it the third largest island of Indonesia.The island of Sulawesi is divided into the part of three provinces.That’s are shown in below South Sulawesi,North Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.This island has very exciting mountains,rice,lakes and deep forest.All these wonderful natural beauty made this island as a heavenly happiness for the attractive tourists.
Attractive spot in Sulawesi Island
The history of Sulawesi Island: It is said that much of Sulawesi’s history are written in ancient textbook.It’s sign are found in 13th and 14th centuries.In the year 1511 when the Parturies,the first western visitors,reached Sulawesi,they looked Makassar a thriving multiple entry-port when Chinese,Arabs, Indians,Siamese,Javanese and Malays attend to business their produced metal goods and fire textiles for valuable Pearla,Gold,Copper and of course,the invaluable spices which were brought from neigh flouring spice Island the sent time of Moluccas.
Sulawesi Island in Indonesia
Makassar became Sulawesi’s important port and center of the powerful Gowa and Tallo Sultanates in the 16th century.In 1667,to spread their right on the spice business they occupied the fort of Makassar.The renamed and rebuilt it as Rotterdam.In the way saved to ruine the stronyholds of the Sultan Gowa,But afterwards this town became a collecting place for the produce of eastern Indonesia-the rattan,sandalwood, pearls and copra.Though the Dutch ruled the coast,it was not lasting to the 20th century.However they occupied this island and ruled here yet they insulted by the local government in various time and way.In the mean time Dutch do not stopped.The Dutch missionaries vast of Toraja people to Christianity.After diverted all these affairs when Indonesia Came into being independent,Sulawesi involved a part of Indonesia.
Attractive place in Sulawesi Island
The weather of Sulawesi: The weather of Sulawesi is very wonderful from the other islands. There two seasons are found it is also an exceptional event.More over it has warm tropical climate. These two seasons dry and wet seasons respectably.But it is actually matter of joke that these two seasons approximately lasting only six months in each year.The dry season is remained from the month of April to October.On the other hand the wet season is lasting from the month of November to May.
tample in Manado
Suitable time to visit Sulawesi: The super time to visit Sulawesi is in the dry season which contains in the month of April to October.During this period it becomes more illegible for the travelers and visitors.In this season they another wonderful matter of fact is that  June to October give to the best facility of witnessing a heavy Torajanese funeral.
Places to visit in Sulawesi, Manado : North sulawesi’s capital is Manado.Manado is covered with different kind of hills,volcanic mountains and scenic plateaus.
Bunaken Sea Garden: This splendid Garden spread out 25.26 hectares.It is located very fine.It is well known as a world famous Garden so it is called world famous Bunaken marine National park.
Manado Tua Island
Manado Tua Island: This island is the best island of the group.There is a hiking way to the up which take some hours to climb,and offers a peculiar view of all the islands of Manado Bay.The place offers best chanches for diving and snorkeling.
Manado Tua Island in Sulawesi Island
Kendari: This is the capital of south west Sulawesi.It is the main place of government and visitors center of the province.It lies through the sloping hill and sea-side of kendari Bay.
Moramo waterfall: This fall is special in itself.
Kendari in Sulawesi Island
Moramo Bay: This is the another wonderful place of Sulawesi.It is a clean and water pollution free bay.There is no other comparable Bay with it.It takes to one and half hours by a car or speed boat from kendari.This white sand beaches are fit for all sorts of water and sports.
Moramo Bay in Sulawesi Island
Shopping in Sulawesi Indonesia: There are so many things are very available in Sulawesi in Indonesia.Most of the attractive items in Sulawesi are hand-woven silks,and and cottons,filigree silverware and ornaments,hand carved wooden panels and pictures,brass ware and bamboo house hold ornaments.Tourists may be buy it eagerly.
Sulawesi Island in Indonesia
How to reach Sulawesi: The communication of this city is very easy and comfortable.Such as Makassar is the chief airport .There are several plains going each day from all important towns of Indonesia.
Sulawesi Map
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Lombok Island in Indonesia

Lombok Island: This Lombok is in the Indonesia-all though this Island is not rich than Bali. Yet Lombok has paid money Bali for it’s tourism. It has careful Beaches, Bolzano and also nice Landscape. No doubt it is a splendid place for a single holiday without any hesitating-of an as usual tourist spot.
Attractive spot in Lombok
Lombok’s history: The history of Lombok is very charming and very attractive. The ancient society of Lombok was surely little kingdom on the Sasak.The in habitant of sasalk ware experienced in agriculture.The practiced there ancestors and worshiped of sprit.It is believed that the original Sasak have come overland from north western India or Myanmar. They have come here by the migration. Before the 17th century,it impossible to know much about Lombok. In this time it was divided in four regions;Thats are mataraum,cakranegra, pagusangum and pagutan. Each of the regions are ruled by Sasak king. This place was exploited by the neighboring Balinese. 
Attractive spot in Seggigo Sea Breach
Lombok was ruled by the Balinese princes at the mid 18th century to 1890s.At that period Dutch attacked Sasak. In this fight Balinese were dedicated in bloodly battles. When they ware in under Dutch control, the eastern island of Indonesia were organized a group together as like as lesser sunda islands ruled from Singaraja,Bali. In 17 august 1945 when king sukarno declared Indonesia’s. Independence at that time the lesser sand islands came into being single province of Nusa Tengga. But the province was divided into three special areas East Nusa,Tengga,Bali and west Nusa Tenggara.

Attractive spot in Gili Island
Lombok Climate: Lombok climate is a tropical climate. It is ranging between on average 28 Degree Celsius to 34  Degree Celsius. Lombok has to principal seasons. They are dry season, which contains for the month may to September and wet is the month from October to April.Humidity is other remarkable element of climate in lombok. Every where high humidity is found all the year round.
Supper time to visit Lombok: The supper time on Lombok is actually starting rainy season which contains the month of October to April. In this moment Humidity is going to down and the landscape becomes green and lush.
Attractive Spot in Lombok
Attractions for Lombok tourism:
Gili Islands: These are the coral fringed Islands. It is completely covered with sand and sun. So in this circumstances it is exceptional and a glorious place for its white sandy beaches. This place has also given all extra-ordinary chances for visiting. For the best qualities pleaser it would be absence of auto mobiles and hawkers.
Attractive spot in Gili Island
Kuta: kuta is an another exciting an developing beach resort of Lombok. The spot gives the tourists best relax and laid back situation for the tourist.
Kuta in Lombok
Museum Negri Nusa Tenggara Barat: This current museum has shown on the geology, history and culture of Lombok and Sumbawa.If you want to purchase any antiques or handicrafts. Of course you should have to look at the silver or gold threaded cloth,daggers,basket ware and masks.
Museum Negri Nusa Tenggara Barat in Lombok
Rinjani: Rinjani is the name of the highest mountain of Lombok .It’s hight is about 3.726m.It has an alive volcano still.The volcano is also an excellent destination for the tourist on the northeastern side are located by the hot spring and it is also an amazing healing powers.
Rinjani Mountain in Lombok
Senggigo: It is the most important and developed tourist spot on the Lombok .Because it has wonderful beaches and has better facilities to observe sea recreation.
Senggigo Sea Beach
Shopping in Lombok: Armories with mother of pearl in lays and intricate-palm leaf wedding trunks is the best shopping qualities items in Lombok. Wood, Bamboo and hone are supper buys. Except it you can purchase a fabric with silver and gold which was traditionally used for sarongs worm by royalty.
Sopping Mall in Lombok
How you can reach on Lombok: It is an international airport mataram the capital of Lombok. It is very easy to reach Lombok by ferry from neighboring Bali.
Lombok Map
Lombok Map