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Lombok Island in Indonesia

Lombok Island: This Lombok is in the Indonesia-all though this Island is not rich than Bali. Yet Lombok has paid money Bali for it’s tourism. It has careful Beaches, Bolzano and also nice Landscape. No doubt it is a splendid place for a single holiday without any hesitating-of an as usual tourist spot.
Attractive spot in Lombok
Lombok’s history: The history of Lombok is very charming and very attractive. The ancient society of Lombok was surely little kingdom on the Sasak.The in habitant of sasalk ware experienced in agriculture.The practiced there ancestors and worshiped of sprit.It is believed that the original Sasak have come overland from north western India or Myanmar. They have come here by the migration. Before the 17th century,it impossible to know much about Lombok. In this time it was divided in four regions;Thats are mataraum,cakranegra, pagusangum and pagutan. Each of the regions are ruled by Sasak king. This place was exploited by the neighboring Balinese. 
Attractive spot in Seggigo Sea Breach
Lombok was ruled by the Balinese princes at the mid 18th century to 1890s.At that period Dutch attacked Sasak. In this fight Balinese were dedicated in bloodly battles. When they ware in under Dutch control, the eastern island of Indonesia were organized a group together as like as lesser sunda islands ruled from Singaraja,Bali. In 17 august 1945 when king sukarno declared Indonesia’s. Independence at that time the lesser sand islands came into being single province of Nusa Tengga. But the province was divided into three special areas East Nusa,Tengga,Bali and west Nusa Tenggara.

Attractive spot in Gili Island
Lombok Climate: Lombok climate is a tropical climate. It is ranging between on average 28 Degree Celsius to 34  Degree Celsius. Lombok has to principal seasons. They are dry season, which contains for the month may to September and wet is the month from October to April.Humidity is other remarkable element of climate in lombok. Every where high humidity is found all the year round.
Supper time to visit Lombok: The supper time on Lombok is actually starting rainy season which contains the month of October to April. In this moment Humidity is going to down and the landscape becomes green and lush.
Attractive Spot in Lombok
Attractions for Lombok tourism:
Gili Islands: These are the coral fringed Islands. It is completely covered with sand and sun. So in this circumstances it is exceptional and a glorious place for its white sandy beaches. This place has also given all extra-ordinary chances for visiting. For the best qualities pleaser it would be absence of auto mobiles and hawkers.
Attractive spot in Gili Island
Kuta: kuta is an another exciting an developing beach resort of Lombok. The spot gives the tourists best relax and laid back situation for the tourist.
Kuta in Lombok
Museum Negri Nusa Tenggara Barat: This current museum has shown on the geology, history and culture of Lombok and Sumbawa.If you want to purchase any antiques or handicrafts. Of course you should have to look at the silver or gold threaded cloth,daggers,basket ware and masks.
Museum Negri Nusa Tenggara Barat in Lombok
Rinjani: Rinjani is the name of the highest mountain of Lombok .It’s hight is about 3.726m.It has an alive volcano still.The volcano is also an excellent destination for the tourist on the northeastern side are located by the hot spring and it is also an amazing healing powers.
Rinjani Mountain in Lombok
Senggigo: It is the most important and developed tourist spot on the Lombok .Because it has wonderful beaches and has better facilities to observe sea recreation.
Senggigo Sea Beach
Shopping in Lombok: Armories with mother of pearl in lays and intricate-palm leaf wedding trunks is the best shopping qualities items in Lombok. Wood, Bamboo and hone are supper buys. Except it you can purchase a fabric with silver and gold which was traditionally used for sarongs worm by royalty.
Sopping Mall in Lombok
How you can reach on Lombok: It is an international airport mataram the capital of Lombok. It is very easy to reach Lombok by ferry from neighboring Bali.
Lombok Map
Lombok Map

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