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Sulawesi Island in Indonesia

Sulawesi Island in Indonesia:  In the past time this island is well known as Celebes,Sulawesi is like a tropical orchid.This island’s area is about 172,000 square km and it the third largest island of Indonesia.The island of Sulawesi is divided into the part of three provinces.That’s are shown in below South Sulawesi,North Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.This island has very exciting mountains,rice,lakes and deep forest.All these wonderful natural beauty made this island as a heavenly happiness for the attractive tourists.
Attractive spot in Sulawesi Island
The history of Sulawesi Island: It is said that much of Sulawesi’s history are written in ancient textbook.It’s sign are found in 13th and 14th centuries.In the year 1511 when the Parturies,the first western visitors,reached Sulawesi,they looked Makassar a thriving multiple entry-port when Chinese,Arabs, Indians,Siamese,Javanese and Malays attend to business their produced metal goods and fire textiles for valuable Pearla,Gold,Copper and of course,the invaluable spices which were brought from neigh flouring spice Island the sent time of Moluccas.
Sulawesi Island in Indonesia
Makassar became Sulawesi’s important port and center of the powerful Gowa and Tallo Sultanates in the 16th century.In 1667,to spread their right on the spice business they occupied the fort of Makassar.The renamed and rebuilt it as Rotterdam.In the way saved to ruine the stronyholds of the Sultan Gowa,But afterwards this town became a collecting place for the produce of eastern Indonesia-the rattan,sandalwood, pearls and copra.Though the Dutch ruled the coast,it was not lasting to the 20th century.However they occupied this island and ruled here yet they insulted by the local government in various time and way.In the mean time Dutch do not stopped.The Dutch missionaries vast of Toraja people to Christianity.After diverted all these affairs when Indonesia Came into being independent,Sulawesi involved a part of Indonesia.
Attractive place in Sulawesi Island
The weather of Sulawesi: The weather of Sulawesi is very wonderful from the other islands. There two seasons are found it is also an exceptional event.More over it has warm tropical climate. These two seasons dry and wet seasons respectably.But it is actually matter of joke that these two seasons approximately lasting only six months in each year.The dry season is remained from the month of April to October.On the other hand the wet season is lasting from the month of November to May.
tample in Manado
Suitable time to visit Sulawesi: The super time to visit Sulawesi is in the dry season which contains in the month of April to October.During this period it becomes more illegible for the travelers and visitors.In this season they another wonderful matter of fact is that  June to October give to the best facility of witnessing a heavy Torajanese funeral.
Places to visit in Sulawesi, Manado : North sulawesi’s capital is Manado.Manado is covered with different kind of hills,volcanic mountains and scenic plateaus.
Bunaken Sea Garden: This splendid Garden spread out 25.26 hectares.It is located very fine.It is well known as a world famous Garden so it is called world famous Bunaken marine National park.
Manado Tua Island
Manado Tua Island: This island is the best island of the group.There is a hiking way to the up which take some hours to climb,and offers a peculiar view of all the islands of Manado Bay.The place offers best chanches for diving and snorkeling.
Manado Tua Island in Sulawesi Island
Kendari: This is the capital of south west Sulawesi.It is the main place of government and visitors center of the province.It lies through the sloping hill and sea-side of kendari Bay.
Moramo waterfall: This fall is special in itself.
Kendari in Sulawesi Island
Moramo Bay: This is the another wonderful place of Sulawesi.It is a clean and water pollution free bay.There is no other comparable Bay with it.It takes to one and half hours by a car or speed boat from kendari.This white sand beaches are fit for all sorts of water and sports.
Moramo Bay in Sulawesi Island
Shopping in Sulawesi Indonesia: There are so many things are very available in Sulawesi in Indonesia.Most of the attractive items in Sulawesi are hand-woven silks,and and cottons,filigree silverware and ornaments,hand carved wooden panels and pictures,brass ware and bamboo house hold ornaments.Tourists may be buy it eagerly.
Sulawesi Island in Indonesia
How to reach Sulawesi: The communication of this city is very easy and comfortable.Such as Makassar is the chief airport .There are several plains going each day from all important towns of Indonesia.
Sulawesi Map
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