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Andaman and Nicobar island in India

Andaman and Nicobar island in India:  Andaman is the greatest important and attractive tourist island.In this time Andaman has become the most curious dream islands is Andaman.Deep sea forest very nice hills,old and modern life make a special fascinating seen easy on this island.Andaman means a name which under the blue sky,longtime green forest,covered with the hills.Go to Andaman if you are very interesting tourist for beauty of nature.Although to go to Andaman is less expensive but it is mater of much time.Now a days it has become very populous island. Once open a time people seem to it is a very terrible place.At present nobody is doubted for it and everybody are very eager to attend here.So it is possible for you to reach here try to your best.I can fill your heart in content to observe the national beauty and nice see beach.You can observe very much to attained in ancient and modern society.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
You can also study about old and present tradition.There is no other attractive and fascination Island excellent Andaman island.Excellent sea beach will able to full fill you tourist.The deep forest is this island seem to be you becomes a favorite nature beauty and splendid sea shore you should reach is this island for one lime in life.
Attractive place in Andaman
History of Andaman and Nicobar: There is great and interesting history of Andaman and Nicobar.Hope that you will be very interesting to know the history of Andaman and Nicobar islands.During the reign of British on the Sub-Indian continent,it was under British colony.At that time those who were prisoner and convicted in different Zail,they have to sent in there islands for exit.For this reason people would become very thought full after heard the name of Andaman specially convicted prisoner. Because this island was nearly separated from India.There was no scope to release from there without the help of the government.
Wonderful place in Nicobar
But now-a-days it is a matter of very interesting much people are very willing to go this island for live there with their family for ever from this Indian sub-continent.Except it if you are favorite tourist for nature beauty and sea cost you should stay there for some days.You will think it is a dream state.Port blear is the capital of this islands.Once Nerita and Mongatian tribes are live her.Luter the rebuke come from original land live in here.One the other hand prisoners are start to live here.At present the future generation of this people are living in this place peace and quiet.
Andaman Havelock Island
Weather of Andaman: The weather of Andaman is very fine.But rainy season in one of the best season in this island.There are six seasons in here.
Andaman Sea Beach
Shopping in Andaman in India: You can buy much ornaments from this island which is made by people of this locality maximum Handicrafts are from sea stone.
Sopping moll in Andaman
How to reach Andaman: In the mean while there are well communication to go to Andaman from India.Kolkata is the capital of west Bengal in India.The distance from Kolkata to Andaman is 1255 Km in sea rute.It is ruled by the central government of India.A bout 297 big and small islands make this islands.Only one ship goes to the Andamans.The name of this ship is M.V Harsabardhan.If wish you can go to Andaman from Channai and Maddraj.
Andaman Sea Beach


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