Sunday, March 25, 2012

Burdwan District

Burdwan is the District of West Bengal.Burdwan is an important place in west Bengal.The grave of Share Afghan is famous attraction of this city.Another historical elements is fort of Tamilgar.
How to reach Burdwan : You will get train from Kolkata or Shealdah to Burdwan.Distance is only 95 kilometer.
Burdwan City Gate
 Where you will stay: There are available hotel in Burdwan.Such as Burdwan hotel,Annapurna hotel,Nataraj hotel,Kallani hotel e.t.c. But Natraj hotel is famous and this hotel is on G.P road.Hotel kallang is not so bad.This hotel is beside the Anita cinema hall.
University of Burdwan
Which you will see: At first you will see the grave of Afghan.He was the general worker of Akbar.The Mughal emperor.After the death of Akbar Salim become emperor.Grace memorial is very important to see.The temple Shib is another attractive things.These temples were constructed in 1789.There are nice flower garden in front of these temple.It is very charmful.Another attractive event is Harin Uddan.Birds are senging here constantly.There are many deer and trees in here Burdwan University is remarkable university in this area.You can go to see it.Burdhwan is famous for sweets Shivyog is one of them,So if can reach in Burdwan for once,you will never for get it.Of course you will remember it forever nodoubt.
Temple of Burdwan
Durgapur Asansol: The distance from Kolkata to Durgapur is only176 kilometer.From here Asansol is only 50 kilometer.You can go easily by train or by bus.Suit Prince or Durgapur lodge best for you to stay.This city is very modern.Charmful in here.
Mughal emperor Mahal
Asansol: From Durgapur to Asansol the distance is only 42 kilometer poet Kaji Nazrul Islam was born in churulia.The distance from churulia to Asansol is only 10 kilometer.Deer park is very important in here.Here you can see the folk of chitra deer.Chittaranjan is another important place.This place is famous for Rail Injine factory.If you can stay in forest Banglo.You can be heard the sound of many birds and wild creatunes.Before dawn you will get up from your bed.It would be seem to you that it is the country of Bards.
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Durgapur Village

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