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Delhi,the capital of India

Delhi,the capital of India: About three thousand years ago this city was built.There are so many history about Delhi.
Lotus Temple in Delhi
History of Delhi: After one by one Khilji generation, Togolok generation ruled this Delhi.In 1191 Sultan Qutb Ud Din Aibak came to the throne of Delhi.From then the Muslim Administration was start Ibrahim Lodi was defeated by the Babor in 1526in the battle of panipat.During the reign of Humayun the capital was in Delhi.Nehru Museum in Delhi
After the capital was setted in Agra.Mughal emperor Shahjahan again brought this Capital in Delhi in 1639.During the reign of Aurangojeb the capital was in Delhi.The downfall of Mughal Emperor begins at the time of after the death of Aurngojeb in 1707.By this time Delhi is the capital of all India.
Delhi Crafts Museum
How to reach in Delhi: You can reach in Delhi from any corner of the India directly.There are two big and two small rail station in Delhi.Most of the train are going via new Delhi and old Delhi.
National Museum in Delhi
You can get many trains from Kolkata to Delhi.But most important train is “Rajdhani Express” from Kolkata to Delhi the time will keep 18 to 20 Hours.The new Delhi station is near the Paharganj and the old station is situated to the western side of the Lalkella.The distance is 4 k.m between two stations.
Rajdhani Express in Delhi
Which you see at Delhi: The most important things which can be interested you for tour.The things are halon of parliament,Dolom museum,President Bhavon,Akashvani Bhavon,Reserve Bank,Old kella,Nastala history museum,
Khajuraho temple in Delhi
National gallery of modern part,Railway transport museum,Qutub Minar,India gate,Sangsad Bhabon, Jantar mantar, Nehru museum,Indra Smrite Shawdha,Juma Mosque e.t.c,The Mughal emperor Shabuddin Muhammad kiran Shahjahan start to build for lalkella in 1638.You can see hehr Dawanic Khas,Maur Singhason,Mori Masjid,e.t.c.
Sanskriti Museum in Delhi
Kuwait Ul Mosque was built in 1193.15 luck money are expended for Humayun grave,who was the second mughal emperor 1565.Here are Alaudin Khalji Major,Urdu Kabhi Mirza Ghalib,Amir Khasru and the grave of the daughter of Shah Jahan.It is the most important holy place for the Muslim.If you want to observe things approximately the time will be keep 15 days at least.
Grand Mosque Kuwait in Delhi
Where are will be take rest: There are available Hotel far residence in Delhi.There are High and lower qualities Hotel in here.But always be care of about Brokers.Against the new Delhi Station you can sick for hotel for residence.There are so many hotel in cont place area which is bit away from new Delhi.
Isa Khan Tomb in Delhi
Delhi kalibari is liked by the Bangalee Passengers,Ashoka lodge,Chittayranjon park’s Guest house near the Santinikaton Gust flour fountain.Hotel Agra is very Choiceable for the Bangalee tourists.You should be aware of about excess tax.
India Gate in Delhi
If you want to visit Delhi you will be conscious about this picture for once.It will help you for your  sweet tourist.Actually India is a vast land country with nature beauty with rivers,hills and fountain and various kinds of people are live in peace and quite here.So it is called the vast country.So if you want to became a successful tourist in should attend in Delhi.
monument lutyen in Delhi
Delhi Map:           See Kolkata                   Andaman Island      Kalimantan
Delhi Map

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