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History of Nepal

Nepal is hilly country.It is situated under the Himalayas.It is very closed to the Himalayas.This small and very nice state is surrounded by Varity kings of valley,forestry,hills-lake and lifeful rivers.Kathmandu is the capital city of the country.
Kathmandu in Nepal

Weather and Climate: There are lightly winter through the year in Nepal.In the Kathmandu and pokhara would be seemed hot in day and winter in night.In winter the majesty of cold is very high through out Nepal.
Beautiful Places in Nepal
Attractive Tourist Place: If you are a nature beauty tourist.You should go to Nepal for a while.There are some most attractive tourist places such as KathmanduPatonPokharaNagarkotLumbini and Janakpur.
Temple in nepal
How to reach in Nepal: At first you will reach Burimari check post and Burimari to Changrabandha,And then come to Siliguri.From Siliguri you may go to Kathmandu by Bus.Time will keep only 16 hours.This is the very cheapest cost to reach in Kathmandu.When you will reach in Kathmandu you will think that you are a Victorian.Your mind will be very frees and light.So if you are a lover of nature beauty of course you should go to Kathmandu.You can also going Nepal from Mumbai city.
Stadium in Nepal
Where you take rest at night in Kathmandu: There are all Kings of hotel are very available in Kathmandu which is very costly and non-costly.There are the names of hotel.Himalaya Vhiue,Hotel paradise,Hotel camo,Hotel central,Hotel Asia,Star Hotel,Kathmandu Guest house,Hotel Trisul,Blue Diamond,Hotel K.T.
Beautiful Places In Napel
Where you will eat in Kathmandu: In kathmandu,Guptojir Restora are most famous for Bengali food.Fry,Vegetables are very available in Kathmandu.These  things are very cheap in here.You can eat Biriani,Polo in the kabob corner restaurant.Chicken Tandure is also very famous in here.
Temple in Nepal
Which you will see in Kathmandu: The most important and attractive place of Kathmandu is kumari Ghar.Here the place of Raja Laxmi Mallow is situated.This place is made of with only one wood probably by this way this has been named Katmandu.You can see Basa Nilkantha, Shibpur hill and Hanuman Dhoka and take much pleasure.There are another remarkable historical work is Tribhuban University. Katmandu is an incomparable nature beauty city nidoubt.Duch as Sundari Pani and Balaji garden.You can Rid on Elephant at the place of gocorna Saffari which is 10 kilometers away from the main city.Paton is famous for it’s architecture art.Paton is 5 kilometers away from Kathmandu.There is a zoo in this place.But all these things are situated during the time of emperor Ashoke.Fulchawki hill is 10 kilometer away from paton.Under this hill there is an attractive Royal Botanical it is in the Godavari region.Vactopur is 14 kilometer away from Kathmandu.The Nagancoat which is 32 kilometer away from Kathmandu and hight is 2175 meter is situated many hills of the east. Himalayas are seem from here.Among the mount Everest is the best.Nagorcoat is a isolation place full of Varity kinga of flowers.
Temple in Nepal
Where you will stay at night: There are so many residence Hotel in Nagarcoat .Such as Hotel Gallaxi,Hotel vew point,Hotel Stem mounten,Fort resort hotel and pinnak is mountain resort.
The another attractive tourist place is Bodhnath.If you are a nature beauty lover you should come here.You can go to Bodhnath by bus from Kathmandu.Natural history museum is 3 kilometer away from Kathmandu.Of course you will attend here.There are Animals birds which was in Nepal is in natural history museum.Except Butterfly,Fish and Birds there are 14 thousand collection. 

Attractivespot in nepal

Nepal Map

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