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Lumbini and Pokhara Valley

Lumbini and Pokhara Valley is situated in Nepal.You will be surprised to know that Gautam Buddha who was impressed Buddhist  was born in the place.This Lumbini is very important for the religious tourist. from Kathmandu you can come Lumbini by bus easily.You can take rest and relax at Lumbini garden guest house.When you will reach at will be Know that Gautama Buddha was born in this village before 2500 thousand yours ago.
Beautiful Places in Lumbini
Attractive Pokhara Valley: Actually Nepal is famous for his nature beauty.There are so many nice place in here where if you should gone for once,you will be fail to remove your mind it.Pokhara is very important place with nature beauty.It’s distance is about 203 kilometer away from Kathmandu.Three Lakes are main wealth of this city.Encept it there are a deep forest which will attract you very much nodoubt.
How to reach Pokhara: You may reach from the central bus stand by bus at Pokhara.It will be time to 8 hours.
Attractive place in Lumbini
Where you will stay: There are so many Hotels in Pokhara.Such as new Hotel cristle,Fish tail lodge on the other hand there are green lake lodge,new tourist guest home,Aloka guest house, Puspo guest house e.t.c. But these are the lowest cost Hotel.
Lumbini in Nepal
How to see in Pokhara: The main attraction of Pokhara is natural sight.Which will able to full fill your tourist mind.East and West,North and South every side of Pokhara is covered with hills and forest.Among the hills Annapurna and Dhaulagiri is the best peak.The hight of Dhaulagiri is 26,9795 feet.If you want to travel as an interesting tourist you can boat for travel in the lake.There are nice forest two side of Lake.
There is a nice island and a nice temple in the middle of the lake.You will be very much pleased if you can stay here.Swimming,Boating,Catching everything you can do here.The another  important attractive thing is white river in Pokhara why the water of this river is white nobody can say.
Beautiful Place in Pokhara Valley
Tourists guessed at it again again.Mahendra cave is very interesting.This cave is situated other side of the river in the village of Batularchar.When you reach to the cave,you will be remember the story of the thief of 40 Alibaba.The light of the sun does not enter into this cave.There is a nice garden in front of the cave.When you will enter in this Cave you will of course take a touch light because when you enter here it would be seemed quite dark.More ov er you can observe the beautiful sight of the hilly rivers of Pockra Valley.There are many small hilly villages and steam which will very pleasant to you as a beauty lover tourist.It is a matter fact the water of fountain has gone but where nobody knows it.So they called it “Patal Jharna
Wonderful Place in Pokhara Valley
Weather and Climate: There are heavy rainfall are occurred June,July and August.So you should go to Pokhara except those three months.
Lumbini and Pokhara Valley
How to reach Kathmandu: You can direct go to Kathmandu by India airlines from Kolkata.Besides it from Siliguri you can go by bus or taxi.At least one month time will be most valuable for a real visitors.At last you should be remember that Indian money is accepted in Nepal.You can take any help from tourist police.Nepal tourist police is very helpful to others especially for the foreign tourist.This is why we can say that a beautiful place is Lumbini and Pokhara Valley.
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Lumbini Map

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