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Murshidabad is the Capital of Bangla,Bihar and Orissa.If you are a worldwide tourist you should visit this city once.Murshidabad is the last capital of independent Bangla,Bihar and Orissa.But in this moment this capital city is only memorial town.After the killing of Nowab,no one try to advancement of city.The prude and Culture of Nawab only has become a history.It is not story but fact.If you attend here for once of cause you will be attracted to observe the activities of Nawab.He don’t care anybody.His believe and wisdom was incomparable in this world.The great river Bhagirathi of west Bengal in India has gone through the middle of the Murshidsbsd.The history are spread out two side of the river.Great historian can achieve something from here.Palace,Memorial and Mosque has in the eastern side of the river.Khoshbag,Roshnibag.Farhabag and Hirazhil are in the western side of the remarkable river Bhagirathi.
Imambara  in Murshidabad
Communication: Kolkata is a large historical and most important city in the world.This town is very well known to every tourist and educated people of the world.There are varsity kings of people everywhere.Their language and culture and works are different.But everybody is very busy and active.They are very busy for their business.However you can reach in Kolkata by airline from at any place and at any moment,no problem.From Kolkata you will reach Sealdah rail station,then you will get up to the train Lalgola at 10.55 at night.About 5.15 you can be reach in historical Murshidabad.
You can take another chance to go to Murshidabad.From Kolkata to Murshidabad you can go by Bus.But its quantity’s very low.
Wonderful Place in Murshidabad
Where take rest night: If you are a historical interested tourist you should stay here for one week at least.You will be stay Hazarduari or at Lalbag.The most important hotel are here in Jattric lodge,Hotel manjusha,Netajee residence exectra.The another resting place at night for the tourist is hotel Anurag.You may stay with comfort in Baharampur the apartments are air condition.
Now which you will see: At first you will take a rickshaw,tanga or Auto.Firstly you may Hazarduari,It was built by Nawab Najim Shah.The foundation of this place was founded by the present of the governor general and many other distinguish persons in 1829,29 August.It is a three stores building.It is very attractive and charmful.It attracts tourists.But it is a matter of fact that the quantity of Dolores of this place are more than one thousand.Under this circumstances it has been named Hazarduari.Weapons,offices,court and record room are in the down stores.
Main Entrance Gate Hazarduari
Here you can see many arms which was used in palashi battle.Tailor of Liberty,Tailor of Shiraz,Big knife of Mir Kasim and the knife of Mohammadi Beg,which was used for kill to Shiraz and many other arms.
After this you can come to visit Modena Mosque.It was built during the period of Sirajuddaula.The holy sail of Karbala was brought by the Shiraj on his head.It was done for his mother intention.His mother was determined when Shiraz will be the Nawab. She will make door with this holy earth and it has been done also.The Mosque is situated in the middle of the field.The door is opened only the time of Maharam.
There is a big cannon beside the Modena Mosque.It is hair say to that Janardhan Jeawary was built this in 1647.Once upon a time it’s firing sound was spread out 16 kilometers.Many conceive women was partitioned with this sound and this is why it was named “Child borne Top
Attractive spot in Murshidabad
Most important which will attract you: Yoasef Monjeel,Chalk Mosque,Tripolia Gate,Topkhana house of watch,Imambara,Kadam Sarif, Humayun monjeel,Katra Mosque,Futi Mosque,House of Jagat Sheet,Garden of katgola Nashipur Rajbari,Nimak Haram Deori,JafarganiSamadhi,Agimunessa’s Samadhi,Khoshbag, Hiajhil,Kalo Mosque are the most attractive and historical place.
Murshidabad in India
The historical Chalk Mosque was built by the Mirjafar in 1767 and length is 125 feet.The national road has gone through the eastern side of the Rail station of Murshidabad.Nawab Manzil is situated to the south side of the Radom Sharif.It has created by Nawab Humayun for the rest and recreation.But after words it came into being court house of East India Company.Besid the national road the famous Kotra Mosque is situated to the north side of Topkhana.It was built according to the kava of Mecca.The grave Yeard of Murshidabad curly khan beside the Mosque.You can see two minaret to the two side.It’s hight is about 70 feet.Futi Mosque is another splendid mosque.
Pareshnath Temple in Murshidabad
This wonderful mosque was built by the Sarfarai  Khan.When you will see the house of Jagat Shet of course you will remember the past history.In 1756 Siraj was killed by the conspiracy of Jagat Shet and Mir Jaffor.The house of Jagat Shet is near the Hazarduari and Kathgola Bagan.
Katra Maoque in Murshidabad
The “Kathgola Bagan” is also wonderful.It is situated nearly1.5 k.m from north east of Hazarduari.The most important sigh of “Kathgola Bagan” is in the Murshidabad.If you want to enter here you would must attend at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.In this time,it’s gate is opened for all kinds of visitors.Another interesting large lake is “Ashawkhurakriti Lake”.Once upon a time pearls are get in this lake.Thus this lake name was “Motizil” .If you are really a interesting  tourist you will surprised to know that there is a room without door and window in “Motizil”.It is seemed to be it is the treasure of Ghaseti Begum.If you cross the western side of Bhagirathi,You will see ”Khoshbagan”.It is a matter of regreat,Nowab Ali Barddi Khan ,The last independent Nawab Sirajuddaula,His wife Lutfunnesa and other members of the family are lying down in “Khashbag” which you learn.
Tripolia Gate in Murshidabad
British emperor was founded in Murshidabad of this India sub-continent.According to the “Murshid Quli Khan” this place is called Mushidabad.Before Murshidabad it’s name was MukhSudabad.But actually this original name of Mursid Kuli Khan was Mirja Hadi.Emperor Ayorangajeb appointed his as the Nawab and council chamber of Bengal.This is why the capital of Bengal transferred at Murshidabad from Dhaka in 1704.
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