Sunday, March 25, 2012

Orissa in India

Orissa is a Province of India.There are many history with nature beauty.Such as Mountain,Jungle and sea-beach are the main attraction of Orissa.There are verity kinds of nation and tribes are live in here.
How to reach: you will reach Baleshwar by train from Kolkata.Time will be keep 4.30 hours.From Baleshwar you can go chakipur by bus,taxi or auto rickshaw.
Which you see: Here you can see Panchalingeswar and Remuna.You will be very much pleased to see it.
Gopalpur: Gopalpur is a very charmful sea beach.Once upon a time Gapalpur was very lovely for the foreignness.As ax isolation sea beach.They came to visit here.The bus stand is babuhat of Kolkata and the starting time is 3.30 pm.You can go Gopalpur via katok,Bhubaneshwar Chilika.You can get much pleasure to see the sun temple in konarock city.
Lingaraia Temple in Orissa
Kotak: The distance from Kolkata to Kotak is 409 kilometer.You can go by train.Time will be keep only 9 hours.Few yours ago this kotak was the capital of Orissa.You can see here many remarkable schools and colleges.Ravenesh collegiet school is very important school.Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu was the student in this school in childhood.From Kolkata shahid miner you can reach in kotak.There available hotel in Kotak.Such as hotel Bejoya,Hotel Ashoka,Kotak Vhubenshwar e.t.c
Bhubaneswar: The new capital city of Orissa is Bhubaneswar.Bhubaneswar was the capital of Kolingo in the past time.
Mukteswara Bhubaneswar
Which you see in Bhubaneswar: Here are most important world famous Lingaraj,Lion door,Handicrafts museum e.t.c. Botanical garden and famous zoo are in Nandankanan.There are Tiger,white Tiger,White crocodile,Gorilla and Girgiti are the best collection of this zoo.Loin Safari park is another attractive place for the tourist.
Jagannath Puri Temple in Orissa
Where you stay at Night: There you so many residential hotel in Bhubaneswar.Hotel Soygat,Bishawram Vhabon are important.River,forest e.t.c are made this city as a nature.
Attractive spot Puri: You can go to by bus from Bhubaneswar.Puri is famous for Jagannath temple.Many visitors come here every year.
The Sea beach of Puri: Puri is called the beach city.Puri is at Orissa in India.Puri is situated on the banks of the Bay of Bengal is very attractive place for the nature lover tourist.Jagannath Temple is a world famous Temple.It was situated in 12th  century.
Puri Sea Beach
How to reach in Puri: You can go by bus from Kolkata to Puri easily.It would be very good if you can go by the highly co-operative bus.Time will be need 13 hours.
There are so many hotel in Puri: There are so many hotel in Puri.Victoria,Sagarika and Revuka hotel are very remarkable.From Kolkata you should book hotel.
Which you see in Puri: The best attraction of Puri is Sea beach.Here you may be a restless visitors.You can take bath here.Travel on the sea you can get small boat.At the surmise and sun set sea beach looked very charmful.
SunTemple in Konark
Once upon a time Shree chaitannwdeb came to visit this sea beach.Kanpata Hanuman,Patal,Ganga, Jagannath Temple are very important things in this area.Actully the Temple of  Jagannath is very splendid and attractive.It’s area is very large 203*195 meter high boundary are surrounded by the temple.Jagannath Mondir is opened form at 6 A.M to 12 P.M.
The most famous festival “Rath Yatra” are celebrated in the month of Asar in Puri.Uncountable visitors and religious people attend here in this time.Shodhganga,Basudeb Ashram,Siddha Bakul are very remarkable creation for this area.Remember that Napkin of puri is very famous.So you should buy a towel from puri before leave.You can also go to Rajasthan Province by train.
Puri sea Beach Temple
Chilika Taptapani: Chilka is the one of the largest Loke of India.It is fulfill with nature beauty.There are so many visiting place for the tourist.Barkul is the best of them.Kaliyai,Kalijugeshwar,Hanymoon e.t.c are very famous.How ever it is a nice visit spot.
Map:    Sea Sulawesi Island        Lombok Island
Orissa Map


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