Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh in India.Samgla is the best for the Apple.The city of Sangla is very charming.You will never desire to come back from here.Bufra in Himachal is also a wonderful area.You will like this place indeed hill after hill made nature beauty area in here.Apples are hanging in the tree.In every side heavenly sight in covered.So it is called the best valley of the Kinnar.
Beautiful Places in Sangla Valley
How to reach: From Kolkata you can reach Ambala by Jambu Tayoue express.Ambala is 150 kilometer away from Simla.From here you can go by bus or Topri.From here you will go to Sangla.
Where you stay: You can stay Topri,Rampur,Sangla and any other places.At you want to stay in full time.You will get better facility in HTPDC Kinnar hotel.On the other hand if you want to stay in Cheaper hotel,You can go hotel Darmitary.
Shigla Train Station
The things which you see in Sangla: The most super fine area is kinnar in Himalaya.Where you will go in this Valley surely you will get much pleasure Remember that this country in for kinnar and kinnary.Kinnary social life are fulfilled with dancing and singing.The large qualities houses are as like as Buddist temple.You will go through the way.The way of the village are made of stone.But the main roads are made of pitch.
Sangla Valley
The roads are not straight.Kinnar is another charming area in hilly region.Sangla is a large village.Generally their house are made of wood.Rampur is very Beautiful Place.The place of Rumpur is very charming.It stands on the Satadril river.Rumpur is the most important commercial area.You will be very pleased to see the Himalaya.Chitkul is another interesting place.Here are five peak of the mountains which is coverd with ice.You will become astonish to see it.
Sangla Valley in India
Other information: Sangla Valley is very fine for the tourists.So it is called the heaven of travelers.Fafra,Opla,Chathu,Chuly,Bumy,Kathbadam,Thilgoja and Jafran are cultivated throught out the Valley.The most important and interesting time for travelling is the month of March to June.
Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh

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