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Santiniketan of Rabindranath

The Santinketan of Master’s poet of Rabindranath: If you are the best tourist and eager to keen in poem and titrate.You may go the place of Santiniketan.It is a wonderful place which will attract your mind and will get much pleaser nodoubt.The festival are going on here all the year round.
Rabindranath Tagore

Remarkable festival: The remarkable festival of Santiniketan are Maharishi Saran, Gurud Saron ,Birth day of Robindronath,Festival of Magh,End of the year,New years,Festival are going on Santinikaton becomes yourself a vast crowd of people.More over if you present there it seems to be surely it is a place of peace.During the festival of course you will say to is a great place for assemble for the rest and recreation of the vast people.
Statue of Rabindranath Tagore
How will reach: The communication is very fene.You will go to Bolpur form Kolkata by train,Time will keep about 4 hours from Bolpur station you may go there by Rickshaw.The distance from Bolpur to Santiniketan is only two Kilometers.
What things you will see: Get up in Bolpur station you can see Rabindra Sharak.You can also observe the last room of the Kabiguru.It is surrounded by the nice flower garden.The another attraction of Santiniketan is Uttarayan complex.Here you can see the Uddayan,Samali,Punacha,Udici and vhabon which is the unique creation of the greatest poem.You will be very much pleased to look the car of humber which is used by the poem.There are very charming seeneary in the Santiniketan,Sangit vhobon,China vhabon a Library are very remarkable.It seems to be that it is paradise.But it is a matter of regreat that you cannot see the Noble prize of Rabindranath.Because it has been stolen from here before some days ago.
Santiniketan of Rabindranath
After going Santinikaton,you can be understand easily many things in past time.Moharshi Debendranath tagor the father of Rabindranath built this Santiniketan.It has become-free Brammasharm School by the Rabindranath in 1901.It became ‘Bisha Vharati university’ in 1992.There is a very beautiful temple.It is called Santiniketan temple.You will be pleased to see it.It is bounded in 1891.
Santiniketan of Rabindranath
Wednesday in each week,festival is celebareted in here.If you can go in this time it would be very fine to you.During the Powsh mela,Santiniketan becomes a peaceful field.You will think at that time that it is a heavenly happiness.This is why everybody should attend to Santiniketan for once.This mela wants to prove that the culture of Bangaee is uncompareable in this world.The main festivals are at the poush mela,song of Darbesh,Theatre of Jribes,Luto,Alfaque,Gamvira,Song of Bolan,Song of Potua,Dance of Roybesh,Broto Dance,chaowu dance Nakarabeddaya excetra.During the poush mela crowed of tourist attend in Santiniketan.
Santiniketan of Rabindranath
If you want to visit alone Danitinekaton,you can reach here in other’s time.If you reach in mango garden,you will become astonished.Once upon a time,During the spring festival “play of abir” was occurred by the poet Rabindranath which was unmemorable.The world famous poet Rabindranath Tagor satbeneath chhatim tree,mango rorchard,or at the Shalbithika.After the end of festival Students are closured the legs of the poet.This is who it would be prove that students were very gentle,modest and obedient.As a bless for the greatest poet offers ”abir tilok” with large white Batasha.In Santiniketan temple and with other creations are open at 10 am to 4 pm.You can move and see freely at that time.It is remarkable that it opens at 10 to 12.30 pm only Wednesday it remain closed.
Santiniketan of Rabindranath
Resting Place: The most important resting place for the tourists are at the Santiniketan mouraki hotel,Holiday hotel, tourist loge excreta.But it is very expensive. To stay in Bolpur is well.Monarama log,Mahamaya hotel,Bolpur log,padma log,Billoyda hotel are very remarkable.Except it there are so may residential building in here.It is a matter of fun and curious that you can stay one night at youth hotel for 10 Taka.
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