Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daugther of Himalaya

Daugther of Himalaya,Saptakanda and taragtal is in the uttayranchanchal province in India.If you reach in this place you can see very near to Himalaya.Tourists never stop.Chamoli is the most interesting place in Himalaya.Here you can see lake after lake and peak of the snow which colour is silver.You will be much pleased to see these things.There are seven lakes in Saptakanda.There are two side of the lake covered with silvery peak of snow.Seeing all these things it would be seem to you that is a country of imagination.
Beautiful Place in Himalaya
How to Reach: First you will go to Hariddar by train.From horidar you can to chamolee by bus.This bus will start at the end of the day and will reach at 10 am.
Beautiful Place in Himalaya
Where you will stay: You will reach in Chamoli by traking way.On going such as way you will take food with you.Here are many Beautiful places.From chamoli you reach Nilmula by Jeep.Here is the end of road.Taragtal is seven kilometer away from here.When you will walking in the hilly area you can see a tea stall.You can take rest here for a while.This mountain is covered with Jungle.It is green colour thus when you will be reach in Tarag village you will be astonish.The most important attraction is laje in here.This lake is spreed out in fifteen square kilometers you will never forget it from your memory.The lake becomes full to the brim in the rainy season.You will be sit beside the lake for a while.Here is the very silent and isolation place.If you are a real tourist of course you will be satisfied.You will be really pleased to see this sight.Ganni is another interesting place.Wild cock,Deer,Bear,E.t.c are available in here.They are very ferocious.
 Himalaya Map
When you will reach Saptakanda and Taragtal: These two areas are very wonderful.If you look at sky it would be seem to you that there are so many white clouds just like a light boat are floating.If you can reach in there to place you will be highly satisfied.If you want to enjoy completely in Himalaya.The time will be best from June to half past November.There are so many flowers are bloom here autumn and rainy season.

Beautiful Place in Himalaya
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