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Varanasi is a beautiful tourist place of Uttor Pradesh.It is in the India.This city is situated on the banks of the river Ganga.It is a very nice sight.During the rainy season your journey will be very pleasant.The people of this area are very neat and clean.They are very conscious about their duties.Especially religious minded duty.Varanasi is very remarkable for Varity kinds of festivals.And This is why luks of men and women gathered in here.But many of them are come here to spend their life in here.So you can understand  it easily that Varanasi is a holy place.The things which you will see in Varanasi.
Varanasi City at Night
Which you will be see: Varanashi is a place which attract your mind.This is why you must go to beside the bank of the ganga and will set there in any way.There are available Temples in Vanarashi.The Temple which will attack so much is Vishwanath Temple.The important mosque which was built by Aurangajeb the emperor of Mughal is in here. After it you can see durgabari,The Hindu University of Varanasi.
There are many private tourist organization in Varanasi.From which you can help to Travel.Many people come to visit Varanashi from different country.But most of them are religious minded.There are at least 35 ghats in western side of the Ganga.They are Asi,Lal Mishra,Tulasi,Janaki,Bach raj,Shivala,Danda, Hanuman, Harish Chandra,Lali,Kedar e.t.c.But most of them are Dash ashamed ghat.This place is very located.You will be pleased very much to see the Pancha Ganga Ghat.This ghat was very large but was built by Manshing.If you want to see clearly Varanasi city.You will be climb up the miner ate of the mosque which was built by Aurangojeb.When you will see Varanasi from the top of the mine rate. If would be seem to you that it is a dream.But should know that the old name of Varanasi is the Kashee you can also see the palace of Maharaj.It is also very splend building here you see weapon,old furniture clothes of the king,pulki and mat which is made from task of the elephant.
Varanasi City
The place where you will stay: There is no problem to stay in Varanasi Uttarprodesh Visiting authority can help you in the work but the condition of some high standard hotel in Lahurabir area.But actually the hight qualities hotels are in the cantonment qrea.Bishnu rest house,Punday ghat,Shib guest house,Munchi ghat Ganapati guest house.Meer ghat,Sindhia ghat,Shree Vhangkateshwar,Dashashamed ghat e.t.c are the resting place for the tourist.Hotel grand holyday,Hotel Ajoy,Narayan Vhila,Hotel Abnish,Hotel new international e.t.c are the main hotels are Lahurabir area.More beautiful places outside of Varanasi.

Temple in Varanasi

Temple in Varanasi

Varanasi City Map

Airport in Varanasi

Temple in Varanasi

Temple in Varanasi
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