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Ladakh city

Ladakh is the best place in jammu kashmir.The nature and culture of Ladakh are different from India.The four great mountains Himalaya,Jaskar,Hadakh and Karakoram have combined in ladakh.Lay is the excellent city of Ladakh.This toen is situated on the thousand hight.Lay city is best for travel in the month of May and September.
Mountain in Ladakh City
How you will go to Ladakh town: By airlines or by road line you can go to Ladakh town.The distance of Lay city is 480 k.m from manalee.From 15th October manalee road is open.Two days will need to you for this  journey.Jeep,Jongga and matador are very easy communication to reach in lay.But you will take tiket before on hour
Ladakh City
Biman communication: From Kolkata you can reach in Delhi by plane.You will reach here at the evening.You will start for Lay by plane the next morning.
Tumple in Ladakh City
The place where you will stay: Visitors from home and abroad are gatherd hugly in ladakh city.There are so many high and lower qualities hotels in ladakh town.Oberoi Dhambala,Hotel Khangiree,Actail hotel,Ambasador,Hotel Sadnum,Tibbet Hotel,Hotel Kangohachan,Hotel laha,Hilview hotel,Delux hotel and Himalaya hotels are the best for the tourist.Sir palace hotel is for the luxurious tourists.This hotel can supply as your wish.You can book in this hotel from Kolkata,Address:Pearless hotels and travels limited,1,Chawrangee squar,ground flower,Kolkata.
Tumple in Ladakh City
The things which you will see: The lay is 10 k.m to the north west of Sidhu river.It’s hight is 3505 meter.About 30 thousand people live in this lay town.They are all Buddhist.Uncountable shops,hotels,restora and coffee shop are in here.There are so many  famous and attractive things in ladakh town.If you wish you can see all these fame.Except architecture and artistic work nature beauty is very attractive in here.Chamri,matho and Likir Gumpha is very fone.The largest and wealthy Gumpha Homish is very close to the lay city.Show palace is very important place for the tourist.There are a large artistic Bauddha statu in here.There are so many dresses and ornaments in lay.Monestry is one of the most attraction.This nice city are surrounded by the natural mountains.They are very fond of sing and dance.They are very rejoyous Ladakh city is very Charming.Lay palace is another attraction of Lay.It was built in 16th century.This aplended palace was nine stores building.
Beautiful Place in Ladakh city
You can see total Lay city from the top of this palace.You can see the great Sindhu river from this place.This palace opens at 9 am to 5 pm.After it you can see the great mosque which was built in 1594.It is the main bazzar Ladakh is the country of lama.Ladakhs are live in this lay city.Here is a holy Buddhist Temple.Every village has this Temple.June and July variety kinds of festival are celebrated in this area.Nomad are lived in his ladakh during the thousands of years ago.the air is very light in lay city.Those who are heart attacked person,they should not go to ladakh.Those who are strong feeling persons only they should go to ladakh.You will take winter dress.The thicksay Gumpla is another attraction of lay.It is distance from 20 km away from lay,It is on the top of the mountain.Ladakhus are very religious.This is the custom of ladakh.You will remember that you will never smoke in any Gumpha.You will eat only fresh fruit in here.The hight of this lay town is 3521 meter.Always you should keep medicine in your pocket.The address: Jammu and Kashmir visitor office 12,Jaharlal Neharu road,Kplkata and Tourist reception center lay.Ladakh Gumpha is a wonderful town.

mountain in Ladakh City
mountain in Ladakh City
High Way in Ladakh City
 Ladakh City Map
You will be very much pleased to see this town.


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