Monday, June 11, 2012

Bhopal Travel

Bhopal is the capital city is in the Madhya Pradesh.It is in India.Uncountable Muslim architectural fame are available in here.There are attractive city around the Bhopal.Khajuraho,Jabble pur,Panch mori and Bhopal are the best city in here.At least 15 days will be need to travel in Bhopal.
Taj ul Mosque Bhopal
How to reach in Bhopal: You will go to Ujjayanie from Kolkata by train.Time will be need 30 hours.The distance from Ujjayanie to Bhopal is about 184 kilometer.From Ujjayanie you will go to Bhopal by bus.The time will be need about 6 can aslo go to Bhopal from Delhi, Trivandrum, Nainital and all other Provinces.
The place where you will stay: Bhopal is one of the important city in Madhya Pradesh and it is the capital city.So There is no problem to stay in Bhopal.There are available private hotels in here.You can stay as your choice Hotel Ranjita,Hotel Gulshan,Hotel Meghdoot,Hotel Rana International Sang gram,Hotel Gulshan,Hotel Shreemaya,Hotel Clown,Hotel Jalishan,Hotel Taj,Hotel Golden Place,Shibalic Hotel,Surja Hotel,Gold Hotel,Bluster Hotel,Redsy plaza Hotel,Ramsons International Hotel e.t.c are best for the tourist.
Bhopal Travel
The things which will be seen by you in Bhopal: The city of Bhopal is very attractive.There are two beautiful Lake in here.Old city is near the bus stand.New city is beside the big Lake.Bus stand is little away from train station.Only 5 minutes is require to reach in Bus stand by walk.The well know Hamidia road is  nearby it.Most of the Hotels are in this area.Bhopal is famous for Mosque.Tajul Mosque,Juma mosque and Moti mosque are very unique creation of this area.Another splendid Shoyakat mohal palace,Sador monjil and Gohor mohal are the remarkable creation of this locality.
Mani Bhavan in Bhopal
Taj-ul-Mosque is the wonderful creation of the ancient architecture.It is most important and attractive.It should visit of course.You should enter in this mosque without any habitation.It’s inner side is very wonderful and visible.But you should remarkable that Friday or any other festival’s day except Muslim no one can enter in this Taj-ul-Mosque.You will be surprised to see this Mosque  from the out side.The Gombuj of this mosque in made with white stone.And the coluor of this Mosque is very nice to rosy colour.This mosque is very large indeed.It is called that it is the biggest mosque of India.It is situated in the Sultania road.Uncountable mustier say their prayer in this mosque together and Uncountable visitors came from different part of the world.There is a great Lake to the south of the Mosque.Small Lake is called the lower Lake and Big Lake are called the great Lake.In afternoon and evening to walk beside the Lake is very attractive.Acorium,Boat clud,Bharat Bhavan,Banabihar Safari Park,Regional science center,Government Archeological Museum are very remarkable.Except Monday it opens 10 am to 5 pm.
Government Archaeological Museum
Rabindra Bhavan,Gandhi Bhavan,Ashbag,Nurbag and Kamala park are very important and historical fame.You will never forget to visit in this incomparable creation.Your mind will be peace and quiet P.T.D.C package tour is best for this.You will be remember that Bhopal the capital city is very important wonderful and modern city in Madhya Pradesh Province.The people of this town are very kind hearted.They love you as like as your brother and sisters.You can see the variety kinds of people are live in here.Such as Hindus and Muslims.They are all religious minded.Hindus are prayed in Temple and Muslims are prayed in Mosque.Your life will be fulfill you can visit this Bhopal.


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