Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bihar Province

Bihar is a Province of India.Perhaps you have heard the name of Bihar.It is a very nature beauty province Because this province is fulfill with mountains,Forest and Historycal achievement.Once upon a time Bihar was united with the Bangla.Nawab Sirajuddaula was the last Nawab of Bangla,Bihar and Orisa.As a nature beauty lover you should come here once.In 1936 Bihar came into being as a separate kingdom.The most attractive area in Bihar are Adhana,Goya,Purnia,Madhupur,Aurangabad,Bhojpur, Boxer and Jehanabad.The night boring country of west Bengal is this Bihar.Here the most attractive things are the highest Mountain.On the other hand deep forest will thrilled you mind to look it.Varety kinds of weather is in here.The cold is very hard in winter and the hot is very strong in the summer.
Bihar Jai Prakash Park
Rajgir: This Rajgir is well known as healthy place.Buddhadeb and Mahabir passed many times of there life in this place.First you will come from Kolkata to Bakhtiyarpur by train and then you can reach Rajgir by train or bus.Time will be need 2 or 2.5 hours.There are abundant in holyday home in Rajgir.Here are the names of the hotels-Rajgir,Momotaj,Megduth,Mahalaxmi,Sarada hilview,Ajatshatru e.t.c. You can come to any hotel among there hotels.Another remarkable place in the Rajgir is Saptorsi,Brahamm Hakundu,Zail of Bimbisar,Buddha Mandir,Deer Park,Jai prakash Park e.t.c. Conducted tour is best for visit to Nalonda and Pawapuri from Rajgir.It is a healthy Place so you can stay here some days.You can be remove from skin debases by the water of the hilly river.
Bihar krishna mandir
Simultata in Bihar: The nature beauty of this area is incomparable.This hilly area are fulfill in trees. Fountain are not rare in here.If you want to enjoy nature beauty completely,You will travel on foot. From Kolkata you can reach in Simultala by train.The most important hotels are Hotel koheli,Hotel Srijomy, Sumritan lodge,Hotel garden e.t.cYou will see in Simultala lattu hill and Rajbari.You can also see the setting sum from the Lattu hill.You should know that the capital of Bihar is Patna.The distance from Kolkata is 545 kilometer from Patna.You can go by train from Kolkata.Hotel Channakko,Mayura Patna,Hotel republic, Hotel President,Hotel Rajasthan and Shree Prokash Hotel are best for you to stay.
Nalanda University Bihar
Nalanda,important place in Bihar: The famous Nalanda university is situated in here.There more old glory are available in here.There were 10 thousand students and the teachers were 2 thousand in this University.Monument,New Nalanda Mahabihar,Museum and Party gallery are very remarkable. Powapuri is famous for Jayeno.There so many achievement are found in Powapuri.Lotus are available in here.
Shanti Stupa in bihar
Buddha Gaya: Buddha Gaya is another splendid place in Bihar.You will be very pleased to reach in here.