Friday, June 1, 2012

Gwaldam in Uttranchal Province

Gwaldam and Debolay is in the Uttranchal province.It is in the India.It you want to see many remarkable place in Himalayas of course.You will be go to Gwaldam and Debolay.But you remember that when you will present here you will use anyone as your guide.He would be a local person.Becouse you would miss your way in the forest.This journey is very interesting and thrilled for your life.
Beautiful Places in Gwaldam
How you will reach in Gwaldam: From Kolkata you will go train to kathgodam.The train name is Kathgudam express.This express train will be reaching in Kathgodam after two days.Haldwani station is 7 kilomiter before from Kathgodam.You will come down in this station.From this station you will get bus to reach in Gwaldam.You will go through this bus to the Gwaldam.
Beautiful Places in Gwaldam tea garden
The place where you will stay: You can stay in bangle.There is no problem.It is best for the tourists fair is high but comfortable Seasonal rent is high and in unreason the rent is low.
Gwaldam map
The things which see in here: From Kawshani to Gwaldam is 43 kilometer away and its high is 6400 feet high.It is a small area.You will travel on foot in every place of Gwaldam.Because that things are situated on the highest peak of the mountain and it is covered with deep forest.Dhakarkha and atatchy are very visible place.The sight of this mountain can remove your worst and you can get much pleasure and relax to see this scenery.It’s hight is 6840 feet.The snow park are different way in here.The hight of Latatoly is 3920 feet.Latatoly is very charming place for everyone.It is picnic place­­­­ included.Here is also a lake.The road has gone in the giygaz way on the hilly region.There is military barak on the hill.During the walking time you will thrilled.You will be astonished to hear the continuous sweet song of the hilly and jungle birds.It would be seem to you everywhere are fulfill with green carpet.Now you will come here on foot.

There are Sha Mistannah Vhander is situated.You will its right side on foot.You will see two sides of the roads are covered with deep green trees.Other side is covered with uncountable Appel orchards.You will see deep forest covered with chair tree.There are available in Appel trees.You will see unknown woman are bring dry leaves on their shoulders.They heave been bring this branches and leaves from the deep forest.You will see in every house acrole,Nashpati and Dalim orchard.Beside it flower garden are available in every house.You can also found tea stalling here.The other side of the road you can see the nice river and valley.There are nice green crops field in here.The house of this area are made of stone.You can fountain also here.You can take tea from the tea stall.Gwaldam is surrounded by the mountain and forest.You will see new sight in here.You will be pleased to see this sight nodoubt.You will be see Silk worm cultivation by the banks of the large river.Here charming sight is everwhere.During the time of setting sun of western side the sky become red.This scenery is very charming.This sight will astonished to you very will never forget this sight.Gwaldam means very close to the Himalayas.

You will get a chance to Himalaya trace from here.You will see very uncommon sight of Nandaghun sight of Nandaghunti and Trishul from Debole Banglo area.You will hear the sweet sound of the pander under the Banglo.Small stone beach in the middle of the river is very fine.Debole is wealthy by its ungrateful gift of Nature.You can see green trees from the Banoba of Debole.Beside it peach,Orange and Dalim trees are found in it.Tourist Banglo, Banobanglo are non government Hotels in here.Nanda debi,Kiron and Routhare general hotel in here.The remarkable place of Himalayas are Roopkund, Homkund,Ronti Saddle.Vhithal Guar,Brammtal,Vhikaltal and Khamila.You can tracking in this places.The best time is to visit Gwaldam and Debole in September to October.After visiting Gwaldam you can go Mandu in Madhya Pradesh.