Saturday, June 2, 2012

Junagadh Traveling

Junagadh is in Gujarat province in India.Junagadh is very nice place for the tourist.It is excellent place.Except sea you can observe everything from this place.Ancient fame,Mountain,forest and river everything are very available in Junagadh.
Beautiful Places in Junagadh Traveling
How you can reach in Junagadh: Junagadh is 327 kilometer away from Ahamedabad.You can enjoy bus in each year from Ahamedabad to Junagadh.The first bus which is started from Ahamedabad Gita Bhabon bus  stand.The bus starting time is 5 am.The suitable place where you will stay,take rest and relax.
Temple of Hanuman in Junagadh
You will get available suitable hotels and rest house.One of them is Junagadh guest house which is very near to the rail station But large quality of hotels are in kaluya chalk.Jayashree Muralidhar lodge,hotel Bivhan,Hotel relief and greener hotels are the best of them.
Bouddha Vicchu cave in Junagadh
The attractive place in Junagadh which you will see: There sufficient Auto rickshaw are ready to serve you for visit the town.It would be seem to you that total Junagadh town is a great forte.There are bight gate outside of the forte.The wole town is covered with middle aged architectural fame.Uncountable palaces are available in this junagadh which was build in Muslim dynasty.These palaces are very uncommon.It would be seem to you that kings are living at present in these palaces.Your mind will be fresh and clear observe these architectural fame.You will be bound to thrilled when you will reach in large palaces or ancient fork.There palaces are built by the Rajput during the reign of Nowab.First you can see some of the cans which is very large in size.Nature is not rare in this town.So total forte is covered by the Nature beauty forest.Which is very attractive and important for a nature lover tourist.This splendid forte should not be see alone.A guide will help you can seen the road has divided in two parts when you will reach in the Temple of Hanuman. There are two big canon in front of the forte.You will want to know about it.Nilam is the name of one and another is Manck.Nilam is sized with case.
Beautiful Places in Junagadh
The Bouddha Vicchu cave is very important and attractive. So you should observe it very carefully.There stairs to come down from the Cave but has no light.You should remember one things clearly to come down this Cave is very risky.This is why will never discourage during the time of come down.Small qualities Buddhist statue are in here.You will be surprised to know that emperor Ashok made these Caves under the ground.You can see a well in here.After breaking the 127 stairs you can see it.Another remarkable and historical event is mokubra Mosque.It in a splendid and ancient Mosque.It inspires the mind of tourists after it.You can be see nature beauty Mountain are very close to you.There are nice flower garden around it.Peacook are moving in here.You will be highly satisfied to see this attraction nodubt.You can be reach grain hill beside the forte by Auto rickshaw.Fist you can see the Solakuri and Gayatree Mandir.Emperor Ashok has written his valuable orders on the side of the hill in here.
Bouddha Vicchu cave in Junagadh
You will be pleased to see it.Still these writings are very clear and has written in play language.There are two side of it is covered with jangles and hills.There is an important Museum in Dayavan Chalk.The nice chairs are covered with silver court of the King.About 3 kilometer away from the town there is a Zoo.You can see Lion,Tiger and other beasts and bards.Mokbara are famous for grave yard of Nawabs.Grave memorials are very attractive nodubt.

Junagadh Map
You will be surprised to see this unique grave yard.Rajput was defeated by the Nawab Sultan Muhammad in 1472-73.From then Muslim right is founded in Junagadh fist.You remember it that the memory of Junagadh Mosque is unforgettable.This remarkable Masque was built by the very uncommon architectural way.This has become more attractive for tourists come from different country in this way.So you shall see and observe it in physically.