Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mansar Lake

Mansar lake is situated in Jammu.The lake of Mansar and Surina soare are surround by nature beauty.You can see the lake between two hills.You can enjoy and travel in this lake easily.Beside the hill deep green forest are surrounded.The water of this lake is blue as like as sky.All these blue sea and blue make a wonderful nature beauty in this area.This beauty attracts tourist mind.Every people will love this nature beauty.
Beautiful Place in Mansar Lake
The Mansar lake is very close to the Himalayas and its hight is 1300 feet.When you will travel this Mansar lake you will be very glad.Mansar Lake is situated 80 kilometer from Jammu city in India.The distance from Mansar to surina soare 16 kilometer away.
Beautiful Place in Mansar Lake
How you will reach: From you will go to Himgiri Express.The strats from Howrah railway station.The distance from Jammu to Mansar is 60 kilometer.
Forest in Mansar Lake
The place where you will stay: There are available government hotels in Mansar.There is no problem.You can stay at night in these government hotels.
Mansar Lake
The things which you will see in the Mansar Lake: The government hotel are situated beside the lake. To stay in these hotels at night you will become thrilled.The Mountain area is very fine.Your desire will be to see this beauty.All natural beauty has gathered in Mansar Lake.You will enjoy best comfort to walk. You will get much pleasure to travel by boat in the lake.The Shish nag Temple is in the eastern side of the lake.There are an old building on the side of the lake.The Lotus has enlarged the nature beauty of the lake.There are available in Teals.Teals are abandoned throughout the year in here.There are large quantity of wild animals are found in western side of the lake.You will never forget the sight of the memory of blue cow and chital deer.There are boating  system in the lake.There are pake road around the lake.This area are lightened at night for travel.There is no problem you can sit on the bank of the lake in deep night.Camel and horse are available in here for travel.You can enjoy this facility at the sturday.
Fish in Mansar Lake
Here you can see a wooden stage.The lake of Manos in Tibet is very familiar.From then this name has come Mansar.Many of them are thought that Mansar is holy as like as Mansar lake.The people of  Jammu are thought that Mansar is holy as like Mansar lake.Beside it the people of Jammu are very kind hearted. You will be very glad to see the behavior of the people of this locality.Nature has given her beauty and people has given their kindness to this area Mountains,Lake,Wild animals and Lotus garden has made this hilly area as like as heaven. Surinaror is away 16 kilometer from Mansar.You will move here by the hilly road.You can go by bus.Time will need one hour.There is a small Island in the lake.All kinds of facility are available in here,You can travel by boat in here.Of course you will came here for a once.
Mountain in Mansar Lake
Deep Forest has made this Island as a heavenly place.You will get much pleasure nodoubt.When you will go to western side you will see the Temple of Shir.You can easily move around this Temple.Everywhere is fulfill in isolation,The south side is also fine. Dayader mountain is in here.This mountain is surrounded by the forest.You will come in this forest for a while.Tourist Banglo is in the Surinasor.If you wish you can stay at night.Jammu is a holy place.Religious people come to meet here.Jammu and Kashmir are called the place of heaven.So you will be highly satisfied to reach in Jammu.As a tourist you should come here.The  nature beauty is very fine.All Things will be attractive you very much.Your mind will be refresh and delighted.You will be surprised to know that this area is free from earth quake.Under this circumstances  this place why it is should for every tourist to attend here for the satisfaction of their life.
Mansar Lake
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