Saturday, July 7, 2012

Island of Luckha

Island of Luckha is in India.Perhaps you have heard the name of this Island.Coconut forest are abundant in this Island.So it is called that this island is famous for coconut.It is very fine to move under coconut tree. You can see sitting be the side of the sea the fishermen are catching fish.You should remember that Lackha island is the smallest island kingdom of India.This island is situated 200 or 400 kilometers away from the Kerala sea coast.The sea is very quite and the island is situated in the middle of sea.Luckha Island is an incomparable beauty and charming place nodoubt.It is very hardy to reach here.But you will be very glad to travel here.
Island of Luckha
How to reach: To travel in Luckha is to be thrilled. Package tour is best for travel in this spot.From September to May this Package is going on.If you wish to go by Package tour you need not special permission.For this reason you can communicate before,address- Assistance general manager(sports), Luckha dip office,Indragandhi road,Welenydon,Ayaland,Cochin.But the address of Kolkata is- Ashok toure and travels,3-G,Everest building,46 chouranyi-rood,Kolkata.You can also come from Allahabad, Delhi, Lumbani and other places.You can go by the speed boat from one island to another island.At night you will kept in the ship.During the winter the sea is very keep and quite.From cochin the ship starts for Luckha from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.You will never anxious.There is no problem.
Luckha Island
You can go the Arabian sea by ship.You can enjoy the sight of setting sun.There are only water and water in front of you.Never will be excurses.It will seem to the wave of the sea of times.Get up from bed you can see the sea.The ship will stop in the deep sea.After it you will go to Luckha Island by the speed boat.You will remember that Luckha island is called the “Sindur Tip
Luckha Dip
The things which you will be know: The last Hindu monarch of kerala Cheraman Perumal accepted Islam and started secretly for mecea by the sea way.In 1783-84 some island of Luckha came under Tipu Sultan.In 1855 this island came under East India Company.After achievement of freedom this islands come under India and it’s named into Luckha Dip in 1973.You will see paka road in the Luckha Dip.Vegetables garden you will also.Kavarati is the main important place of Luckha Dip.Government office,Schools,Colleges and Hospitals are founded in here.Holy Ujra Mosque is very attractive mosque in this island.It was built in 1670.Here is a hair say that the order of Allah this mosque was built.There is a well.There is spiritual power the water of this well.There are crowed of people for take water from this well.At the evening this land because more beautiful.Birds are singing in the coconut forest.It will be seem to you Sea beach or coconut forest is the most favorite for your life.
Luckha Sea Beach
You will know more about Luckha: Acorium and Sea museum are very fine luckha.It was built in 1885.Luckha Dip is formed with the 10 ilsands.They are Agatti,Amini,Adrat,Bitta,Setline,Kalmie,Kalpeni, Cavratti,Kitton and minikoy.All these place is very attractive and very nice to you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Allahabad is Renown city of Uttar Pradesh in India.This wonderful Allahabad city is situated on the banks of river Ganga,Jamuna and Saraswati.It is in the Uttar Pradesh in India.You will see different kinds of glory of Mughal ruler in the city.So Many Mogul achievements are available in here.
Allahabad University
How you will reach in this city: You will get many trains from Kolkata to Allahabad.You can also come this Allahabad from Bihar, Murshidabad, Delhi and other places. 
Nepali Mandir
The place where you will stay in here: There are so many residential hotel in Allahabad.Royal Hotel,Hotel Bilash,Emperor Hotel,Hotel Karthick,Presidency Hotel are best hotel in here.You can enjoy T.V in your room.
Patalpuri temple
The things which you can be seen in Allahabad: The fort of Jamuna banks are most attractive in the city of was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. This fort was built in 1567.There are three glary in it.The Patalpuri Temple is situated beside the fort.There are a large banyan tree stands on the banks of the river Jamuna.But you will remember that it you want to see fort,Temple,banyan tree you should be permission before.The another attraction of Allahabad is the graveyard of khasru.who was the son of Emperor Jahangir.It is situated in the western side of the Allahabad rail station .It is bitterly attractive.So as a tourist you should come here for once.This graveyard is surrounded by the different kinds of flower trees.But you will go to visit this area in afternoon.Now you will come and see the Allahabad University.It is a famous university.Many students come here to study,chandra shekhar,Azad maidan and museum are situated  nearby it.Rajasthani miniature,Terokotor are found in Museum.Children Park, Ananda Bhavan,Mintu Park,Saroj Bhavan,Benimadhab Temple,High Cost,Sivabkoti,Nepali Mandir and Saraswati Ghat are very remarkable in this area.
Ananda Bhavan Allahabad
There are an old building beside the Ananda Bhavan.It was built by the Motilal Nehru who was the father of Jawaharlal Nehru.At present this building is well known as Suraj Bhavan.From 9-30 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm it is opended.Monday it is closed.Jahor planetarium is very attractive.You may come here.It is opens 11 am to 4 pm.Close date is every monday and last Tuesday of the month.The river Ganga,the Jamuna and the Saraswati are connected in this place And it is 8 kilometer away from Allahabad. This place is holy place for hindus.The side of the Ganga is very fine.You can sit or Lake rest in this nice place.You will be fresh in here.The connected point of the three rivers are very nice.
Mintu Park Allahabad
The sight of the river is very fine.Here the festival is celebrated in every year.This festival continue near about 15 days.A vast crowed of people are attend here.Every 12 years after this celebration was celebrated.It is called the full festival.Ramayan Mela is celebrated in the month of November.Allahabad is old but historical glorious area.So as a tourist lover you should of course attend in Allahabad.Most of tourists come here thought ought the world.Nodoubt it is a splendid tourist plsce.So every tourist should be come to Allahabad.