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Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar one of the most attractive and great sea beach of the word. This cox’s bazaar is in Bangladesh. It is in the distract Chittagong. The distance of cox’s bazaar is only 96 mile from Chittagong district. Chittagong district is in the south of Bangladesh. Cox’s bazaar is not only a great sea beach but also a health place. You can regain your lost health to come here. The salty water is very helpful to regain lost health. It is bank of the Bay of Bengal.

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach at sun set
So cox’s bazaar is called the city beach of Bay of Bengal. The tourist of Bangladesh and foreigner are said that cox’s bazzer is most attractive Sea Beach. You can see sandy beach, Zhinuk, Remarkable Pagoda and fulfil life style of tribes. If you want to regain your lost health and change the weather you should come here in winter. The Sea water is blue and sand is golden colour.
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
You will get much pleaser to travel cox’s bazaar. You can walk on the sea beach. Wave and sight are very charming. You will be conscious in your bathing time never drink sea water. Beside it is salty water. After your bathing, You will go to Hotel and bath again with fresh water. Remember when red flag will hoisted never come down to the sea. You can hair a rubber tube when you will bath in the sea. You can hair chair and umbrella in here. You can count the waves of sea sitting on cold air of sea. Thus you can enjoy unlimited charm of the sea beach. You can ride on horse and can take photographs. You can walk on the bear foot on the sea beach it will be very delightful.
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
There are Zhink Market beside the Sea Beach. You can buy Burmese Shoe , Lungi and Toiel e.t.c. You can move in the evening. You can buy things as your chice. Burmese girls and women are work as sales man. The behaved all these smart Burmese girls are very nice. Behind the Burmese market you can go to Buddha Temple. But remember that you will entre the temple with bare footed. No boubt the sea beach of cox’s bazar is a very charming place.
Wave in Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
How to reach cox’s bazar: from Dhaka you will go to Chittagong by bus. Chittagong mail departure from Dhaka 22:30 and arrive Chittagong at 7:20. The karnaphuli express’s departure time from Dhaka is 8:40 and arrive at Chittagong in 19:30. By plane you can reach Chittagong very short time. From Chittagong again you will go to cox’s bazar by bus. Here the bus stand is bahaddarhat. From Chittagong to cox’s bazaar time will be kill 4 hours. You can go by B.R.T.C bus it is adjacent to railway station.The name of the huxyras buses are Sohag, Saudia, Gree line, S Alam Borak e.t.c. These buses are Ac or Non Ac From city area you can reach the beach by rickshaw.
Wave in Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
Where you stay at night: There are so many luxurious hotel in cox’s bazaar.If you want to relax at night you may go to Sayebal Hotel. This Hotel is near the sea beach. You will get many chance at the Sayebal Hotel. Sports,Video game and swimming are available in here. Cox’s bazaar is very charming place nodoubt. So you should travel this unique beach.
Chair in Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Fish  in Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Fisherman in Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

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