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Nalanda Travel

Nalanda is a historical place. Everyday read this Nalanda in the history. But if you want to charmed you must go there. You would find any other interesting old architects. Nalanda is in Bihar province in India.
Nalanda University in Bihar
Once upon a time many students come to read in this Nalanda from china and southeast Asia. One day 10 thousand student and 2 thousand teacher were in this university. It was 5 century to 12 century. The great visitors of china Huensang said that it was the famous institute for Buddhist. But its impotency became less during the reign of Turky.
Nalanda University in Bihar

Nalanda University in Bihar

New Nalanda University in Bihar

Nalanda University in Bihar
Onday day two angry Barman fired the library in the university. Many things were prised here for this.You will see the affected Nalanda University , Affected Buddhist vihar, Students reading room and Buddhist Math in here. Now a days monument is situated New Nalanda Mahavihar, Museum and Parta Gellary are situated in here. But there is nothing any hotel in Nalanda to take rest.
So from Rajgir you can see around the Nalanda. Pawapuri is one of the most important religious Place for Jaina. The Talmondir is very charming for jaina. But there is no hotel in pawapuri. You will astonish to see this miracle scenery.
Buddha Gua: You will be highly glad to see this place. Famous Bauddha Tirtha is Buddha is in here. Gautam Buddha earned miracle knowledge for this Buddha Gua. You will see river Niranjana, Village Urubimbo. That Urubimbo is called the Buddha Gua.Here the Bodhi tree is very fine. If you want to stay in relux, You come to Ashok travellers lodge.
How to reach nalanda: If you want see Nalanda University. At first you would be reach in Kolkata by road or Plane. Then you will be come from Kolkata to Patna in bihar by train. Or from Kolkata you will come direct Rajgir by Bus. The distant from Kolkata to nRajgir is 498 kilometre. Exceot it direct bus is going through Kolkata to Rajgir. The name of the Bus stand is Esplaned Gumti. The bus start from Kolkata at 6 P.M. and reach in Rajgir at 6 A.M. The distance from Rajgir to Nalanda is 12 kilometre. From Rajgir Train,Bus or Traker are going from time to time in Nalanda.
Patna Museum in Nalanda

Nalanda  Museum

Patna Museum in Nalanda

Buddhist Viher in Nalanda
The total information is that Nalanda University is very old University. But it is a historical University.So you can see this University and Get very satisfaction.
Fried library in Nalanda university

Fried  Nalanda university

Patna Museum in Nalanda

Nalanda Map

Nalanda University

Hotel in Nalanda

Fire in nalanda university

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