Monday, January 11, 2016

Himachal Province

Himachal is in India. It is the northern province of India. The hills, Valley, Forest, The sight of green forest attract the home and abroad tourist. Some small Rajputs are organised this Himachal province. Travellers become astonished to see the white snow and light ice fall on the hills. The citizen of this province are fine and peaceful. Their behave with the tourist is very mild.

Himachal province
The charm and heavily beauty of this hilly country, Manila and Similar are incomparable. The river Bipasha, Chandravaga,Shatadru and Iravati are ereat covered snow from himachal. You should know that the capital city is Himachal province is Simla. Hilly city chail, Monikoarn, Hilly city Jogindar Bayanath, Palampur , Jalamukhi, Pahari Mohor Chamba, Khajar, Koni Mohesh, Pownto Shahib and Vhakra band are very charm full and attractive city. You can easily reach in Himachal by train from Kolkata. If you can reach Himachal and observe this scenery your mind will be fresh. These places are covered with natural beauty so these area are for the travellers. You will stay here in Kalka city hotel. You will remember that Simla is the capital city. Simla hill and near by valleys are uncomparable. You can not forget to see the naturally beauty of simla if you see it. In Simla you can see the Vaisarar Palace, Anglican Christ Church, Municipal building, Simla Museaum, The Temple of Kamonadebi, The tample of Tara and Prospect hall are very attractive. So if you go to Himachal never forget to go to Simla the capital city of Himachal Province. Fagu Hills and apple garden masroba are very uncommon.You can go to see the Satodru river.
Himachal province
How to reach Simla: To reach in Simla is very easy. You will  come to simla by bys from Kalna.
Where you will stay: There are so many hotel are in to stay in Simla. Here are the names of the hotel  Hotel Deplomat, Hotel Merina, Hotel Singer, Everest hotel, Hotel Samrat, Hotel White, Hotel dreamland, Hotel Quality e.t.c.Simla is actually a tour area. So the hotel of this area are always remain booked. So if you wish to go simla, You should booking the hotel in Simla and then you will ride on bus.
You will contact with this address:
1. Spas Tours and Travels, 6/2 A.A.J.E Bose Road, Calcutta-17,Te: 247-4020.
2. Dimond Tour and Travels, 30 Jadunath dey Road, Calcutta-12,Tel: 276-714/225-9639.
Himachal province
Anglican christ church in Himachal province

Municipal building in Himachal province

Shimla museum in Himachal province

Beautiful Place

vaisarar palace in Himachal province
Himachal province map

kamna devi temple in Himachal province

kamna devi temple in Himachal province
tara devi temple in Himachal province
Food: There are so many hotel in Simla to eat food. H.P.T.D.C hotels are very Nice.

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