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Emergency Contact Number,Kolkata

Some Important information about Kolkata
Hotel Majestic
4c, Madan Street, Kolkata-700072,
Total amount of houses are 25, All are double bed.
Hotel Plaja
10,Sador Street, Kolkata-700016,
Total houses are 16. 15 are double bed and one is single.
Hotel Embassy
27, Princep Street, Kalkata-700072.
One bed and double bed.
Hotel Holiday Home
16,Princep Street, Kolkata-700072,
Total amount of house 21. 7 are A.C and all are double bed.
Hotel Akashdip
48,Circus Aven, Kolkata-700017.
Phone: 240-5296/5004/6452/7153
All Total amount of houses 30. All are A.C.
Hotel dictaras
1B,Victoria Tress, Kolkata-700017.
Total houses are 30. All are Ac.
Liton Hotel
14,Soder street, Kolkata-700016.

Maple restuarent: 15, park street, Kolkata.
Waycis: 33 park street, Kolkata.
Silver Gril: 18 park street, Kolkata.
Bar-B-Q: 43, Park Street, Kolkata.
Suchita Resturent: 1/432, Goriahat Road(South), Kolkata.
Walldarf: 24-B, Park Street, Kolkata.
Chaina Bol: 122-A Sadern Avenue, Kolkata.
Jadu Karai: 85B, Sadern Avenue, Kolkata.
Cristal Chopstick: 71-H, Hindustan Park, Kolkata.
The Astor: Shakspear Soroni, Kolkata.
Blu Fox: 55, Park Street, Kolkata.
Quality: 17 Park Street Kolikata and Goriahat road, Kolikata.
Piter Cat: 18  Park Street, Kolkata.
Cury Clab: 176, Sharot Bosu Road, Kolkata.

Telephone number are given beside the Hospital.
Adittay Hospital: 550-4429/551-3128
Kolkata Medical Research: 479-1921.
S.S.K.M: 223-6026/6242.
N.R.S: 244-3213.
National Medical College: 244-0122/0123.
R.G Kar: 555-7675.
Shambunath Pandith: 247-0078.
Assembly to God Charch: 229-0955.
Pearless Hospital: 462-0955.
Ramkrishna Mission Serve institution: 475-3638/9.
Thakurpukur Cancer Research: 467-8001/4433.
Ladi Daprin Hospital: 350-0771.
Rubi General: 442-0291.
Kolkata Medical College Hospital: 241-4901/3992.
Matri Bhabon: 464-4189.
A.M.R.I: 440-4102/9753.
M.R. Bangur: 473-3354.

Nursing Home:
May Fair: 557-6412.
Repose: 247-1442/3439.
Belvew: 247-2321/6925.
May Flour: 229-9884/7910.
Wood Lands: 479-1951/1701.
Daffodil: 534-5681.
North and: 54-5405.
North land: 555-4602/6802.
North Vew: 350-3286.
Avenue: 27-8731.
E.E.D.F: 473-3601/6977.
Eveland: 466-5390/2131.
Bowubazzar: 27-7137.
Eastern: 247-1928.
Southand: 466-2433.
Erimade Klinex: 554-5252.
N.G Medicare and Kolkata hope infertility clinic: 464-0230.
Medicine at night, Oxyzen.
Quorewell: 229-6775/4202.
Life care: 475-4628.
Manoka Medical Hall: 241-6557.
Park Medical Stores: 464-4639.
Some important information about Kolkata.
Nandon Madical store: 358-1723.
The camist corner: 478-0334.
Dhanantari: 449-5542.
Bidhan nagger Medical holl: 337-3091.

Alipur Medicale store: 479-9908,
Janmongle Society: 466-2879.
Cure Well: 229-9908.
Emergency Service: 471-1943.
B.M Birala: 479-2711/2684.
Dhanantori: 449-5594.
Life Ad: 479-6247, 473-5807.
Okhard: 475-4320.
South and Polikilinic: 466-2433.
Life Care: 475-4628.
Sarvaiv Niara Bagan Tarun Sangho: 556-5841.
Rajib Gandhi Memorial: 474-9528.
Helth Care: 465-0700.
Lokmata Rani Rasmoni Mission: 471-9885.
New Life: 471-8606.
Medicare: 247-6233.
Medical Bank: 558-0084.

Lalbazzar police Control: 215-5000/25-0230.
Provincial Police: 225-7411.
North 24 Parganas Police: 538-3331.

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