Monday, March 28, 2016

Cherrapunji City

Cherrapunji is the heavy rainfall area of Meghalaya. It is in the India. Wonderful nature beauty are in Cherrapunji . You will remember that the natural beauty of Cherrapunji  is the most attractive. The month of July and August are heavy rainy time of Cherrapunji.
Cherrapunji City
This Cherrapunji  is about 1300 metres high on the khasi Hill. This Cherrapunji  is the best for rain throughout the world. Travellers visit here uncommonly in every year. Bus goes to Cherrapunji generally from Shillong. The way of Cherrapunji is very fine. You will be surprised to see the splendid orange orchard around the small village. You will see only cloud and cloud in here. You will also see restless rain in here. If so you will get much pleasure. This wonderful sight will satisfied your mind nodoubt.
Cherrapunji City
So you will be bound to say this song-
Two birds two banks,
Middle of the river flowing,
Out the bina’s wire,
Introducing abolish.
You will be also remember that this Cherrapunji  is famous for it’s cave of small stones, Coal, Orange and honey.
Cherrapunji City
How to reach Cherrapunji: From Shillong you can be reaching to the Cherrapunji by Bus.
Where you will stay: There are so many private hotel in Cherrapunji. Beside it there are Ramkrishna guest house and American mission. There is nothing any problem to stay at Cherrapunji . So you will never be forget to visit this Cherrapunji .
Cherrapunji City
The more you will know the British governmental district administrator office was in this Cherrapunji before 1864. Remember this Cherrapunji  is situated on the 1300 metres high on the mountain. Mainly tourist are come to see this sight. The another attraction of Cherrapunji  is Maosinram’s Siblingo in Cherrapunji  which is made of Stalug mudhe stones in Ancient cave. The birth history of this crave is unknown today. The length and depth is unknown till now. Kadikoy Fasil are more attractive than mosmy. Varity kinds of Arkid and Butterfly are made a honeyed environment in here.
Cherrapunji City

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