Monday, March 28, 2016

Hilly City Chittagong

Hilly Chittagong is a hilly district of Bangladesh. This area is to the south east of Bangladesh. It is actually a hilly area. But the scenery is very charming. There are hills and hills every where. But the nature beauty of this are very charming and attractive. The total area of Hilly Chittagong is about 5093 sqaure miles. Another attraction of this area is the river the Matamuhari, The Sangu, The Kanlong, The Chitrakhal and The Karnafully.
Hilly Chittagong
Sitting beside the river is very interesting. The scenery of these rivers are very fine. Mountain, forest and Fountain are very remarkable Barkal is an excellent place in hilly Chittagong. Hills and forests make this place as heavenly happiness. Elephant, Bear, Bore and Deer are found in here. You will remember that Rangamati is the best tourist spot in the Hilly Chittagong. River, lake, fountain and make this lace very beautiful.

Where you will stay: There are so many hotel in Hilly Chittagong. You will stay in these hotel and eat. So there is nothing any problem in hilly Chittagong. After all hily Chittagong is the most attractive and charming place. Remember all these hotel are residential hotel.

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